Naturist Freedom

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Birth of My Son

VQD05 DVD Birth of My Son
Jan has invited his friends to celebrate the arrival of his newborn son.
The boys spend their time congratulating the new dad, playing games, and socializing naturist style. Cheers to the new naturist!

Boys and Water Games

VQD07 DVD Boys and Water Games
A group of guys meet at least once a week in a gym for sports and exercise activities.
This week they have chosen a small swimming pool with a fitness center and sauna. Watch the energy, playfulness and competitiveness.

Sport in February

VQD10 DVD Sport in February
Young naturists have gathered to raise their spirits and overcome the depression from the long winter,
with sporting activities and relaxation by the pool, sauna, and gym. Share the rejuvenating effects of good camaraderie.

Night Swimming Pool

VQD12 DVD Night Swimming Pool
At a beautiful swimming pool, in a very luxurious hotel under two old castles, our merry band of young people are waiting for the coming of night.
People love to be out late, and the fun of a late-night pool party raises this merry-making to a whole new level.

Full Pool

VQD15 DVD Full Pool
Lots of friends in a little swimming pool, inside a small hotel.

In a little country with a big heart, best describes the setting of this film.


VQD21 DVD Volleyball

Volleyball is more of a seasonal sport in our geographical zone, and so we cannot omit it during these hot summer days.

And, yes, a little warm-up to start with, so that our muscles do not get torn!


VQD25 DVD Belly-Dancing

According to the latest medical reports, belly dancing is very good for women's health.

We shall not discuss in detail which internal organs benefit from this kind of dancing, but it is certainly worth seeing how the girls are doing!

Country School

VQD26 DVD Country School

I think that many of our friends from the USA will laugh when seeing our poor attempts to line dance.

But please believe, this is just a beginning, and we promise to do better and better in the future!

Football (soccer)

VQD27 DVD Football (soccer)

There is no other sport in the world like soccer, with so many fans and active players. I do not think that this most popular kind of sport needs any explanation.

 Watch these young Czechs give it their all.


VQD28 DVD Football-Tennis

A little bit of conditioning during a cold autum day will go far for  some men.

The men chose football-tennis as the best suitable means of relaxation. It is a little bit of an unusual ball game, however, it is a very popular team sport in the Czech Republic, especially among men.

Hotel Pool

VQD33 DVD Hotel Pool
What can we write about bathing in a hotel pool?
Maybe just that this was an ordinary day like any other, and so we decided to celebrate it, thanks to the nice people at this wonderful facility.

The First Spring Day

VQD35 DVD The First Spring Day
We spent the first day of spring together in a small but cozy relaxation center with a sauna, mini gym,  and a little outdoor swimming pool.
Grilling in the garden was an inevitable part of the day.

Bathing at Gravel Pit

VQD37 DVD Bathing at Gravel Pit
The time we visited an official nudist beach — a flooded gravel pit in the village of Hlucin — we had a great time, although almost everyone got sunburned in the hot sun. Watch us bake!

Bodybuilding Gym

VQD41 DVD Bodybuilding Gym
We may point out that ice-hockey champions participated in these exercises. Truly a men’s video.

Veronika Has Become a Mother

VQD42 DVD Veronika Has Become a Mother

Veronika and Adam celebrate the birth of daughter Drahuska with naturist friends.  What does one give a newborn in a naturist household?  Enjoy the party as women welcome a new addition.

Bathing in a Bahnak

VQD44 DVD Bathing in a Bahnak
In the Czech Republic, Bahnak is a term for a small pond or a lake, where the layer of mud is higher than the depth of the water itself. We did not know whether the mud has any special healing effects, but we sure had fun with it.

Night Merry Making

VQD90 DVD Night Merry Making

Evening time is full of mystery. So our participants held a round with dancing and fire. Just have a look. 60 mins.

Water Games at Ferda


We believe everyone loves to play in the water.




Women always love the rare day they get together for talk and exercise, and this was our time to try the Zumba dance step to music.  See how we did!