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Florida Naturally

VID04 DVD Florida Naturally
2015 Summer Sale
Charlie, Alice, Sherry, and Randee discover a variety of naturist opportunities in Florida.   Join them on tour and enjoy the naked fun of the Florida sun and sandy beaches, as well as small and large places to stay!
We visit the three most prominent naturist resorts in Florida: Lake Como, Paradise Lakes, and the new Caliente Nudist Resort, plus two nude beaches, two clothe-optional B&Bs; and they also enjoy a day of bare-boat sailing.  Alice has her first experiences in the U.S.  Watch Randee get to know more about her native state, and Sherry delights in the sailing opportunity.  Produced by Sherry Stafford; directed and filmed by Charlie Simonds. Running time: 55 mins.

Palm Springs - Naturally

VID02 DVD Palm Springs - Naturally
2015 Summer Sale

The first collaboration of Parafotos Film Productions and Internaturally, Inc., this is another naturist milestone, and a must-see for every nude-recreation enthusiast.  This crew enjoys the adventure of exploring the desert and several of the best resorts available for nude vacationing.  Available in both DVD and VHS.

Holly, Sherry, Brian, and Red are your guides, including several surprise guests and participants, to four extraordinary clothes-free resort accommodations in Palm Springs, California: Terra Cotta Inn, Turtle Back Mesa, Desert Shadows Inn, and Morningside Inn.  Watch the barbeque antics at Morningside Inn, the fire pit conversation at Terra Cotta Inn, and water volleyball at Desert Shadows Inn.  Compare the secluded tranquility of Turtle Back Mesa's intimate pool and spring fed hot tub, while pondering the hand carved pool gates rendition of Adam handing Eve an apple!  Enjoyable travel mates make this a "must have" for your collection.  55Min. run time.

Nudes in the News - VOLUME FIVE

Clothes-Free International presents:
Complete shows 78 through 95. Two hours of fun, sports, news, important interviews and events from all over the world in DVD quality. No need to download. Watch on your TV, full screen DVD quality!

Nudes in the News - VOLUME THREE

Clothes-Free International presents:
Complete shows 43 through 60. Two hours of fun, sports, news, important interviews and events from all over the world in DVD quality. No need to download. Watch on your TV, full screen DVD quality!

Rest and Restore at Club Orient

Clothes-Free International presents:

ClothesfreeTV Entertainment's Caribbean travel movie that explores Club Orient, one of the Caribbean's most premier naturist destinations, located on the Island of St. Martin, French West Indies. Approx. 40 mins.

American Nudist

Taylor (T.L. Young) is a photographer, screenwriter and former nudist who longs for the carefree, clothes-free days when he ran a nudist bed-and-breakfast with his girlfriend Angela (Alicia Arden). Feeling uninspired while mourning the good old days, his life changes when he meets his new muse, the alluring Jennifer (Magda Marcella).
An "artsy" video about a would-be naturist film director, photographer, designed to show the thought process of a film maker and  his models.

Boobalogues: Our Breasts, Our Lives

VGD22 DVD Boobalogues: Our Breasts, Our Lives

Every woman has a breast story. Breast size and shape can play a huge role in a woman's self-image. Women define their femininity or personal and sexual power through their breasts. When women tell their breast stories, they reclaim a subject that has for decades been expressed and defined by a male dominated advertising and mass media industry.

This film is a kaleidoscope of stories and images told by women, who range in age from 22 to 83, from diverse ethnic backgrounds. From a brilliant beginning with bare-breasted women dancing around a fire through stories of breast-feeding, and women discussing large and small breast issues, breast augmentation or reduction, self image, and breast cancer, the film is at best a revealing portrayal of how women view their breasts.
      In 2006 the film won a Bronze Telly and an Aurora Gold Award. Running time 77 minutes.

Naked in the 21st Century

Nudity in the movies has been banned and slowly reemerged, ultimately becoming commonplace. NAKED IN THE 21ST CENTURY takes a look at this evolution and compares it to the lives of real-life nudists.
 The history of nudism and nudist films is contrasted with the nudist lifestyle today in this entertaining documentary. The film also takes you behind the scenes to the making of a new naturist film, “The Naked Place.”

Vacation Naturally Destinations

VND13 DVD Vacation Naturally Destinations

A Comprehensive DVD guide to some of North America's best nude beaches and naturist clubs & resorts. Great American Nude Beaches, Clubs & Resorts from The Naturist Society.

Surrender to the Sun I&II

VSD3031 DVD Surrender to the Sun I&I
Two in One!

We begin with a 35-minute documentary on Paradise Lakes, one of America’s largest and most deluxe naturist resorts. Then the video takes us to the magnificent Greek island of Santorini, where Uti enjoys two great naturist beaches and also visits towns, tavernas, and historic attractions. 53 mins.


This video in the series takes you to another fine Florida resort — the Riverboat Club.  Uti then continues her Greek travels to Crete and Cyros. 56 mins.