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Canadian Naturism

The Grand Barn

VSD40 DVD The Grand Barn
The Grand Barn is a progressive and creative resort welcoming Nudity in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada, midway between Montreal, Ottawa, and Cornwall. It was originally a dairy farm of 250 acres, and boasts the huge barn, lots of green fields, and a 40-acre forest.
The Grand Barn emphasizes freedom and independence, and prides itself on appealing to rational, intelligent human beings. It encourages alternative lifestyles and progressive thinking. Anyone who is willing to live at peace with everyone is welcome at The Grand Barn. In this video you can see the facilities of the resort, such as the shop, office, and restaurant bus, and the great open spaces with a naked walk across the fields to Desire Lake. Enjoy two body painting sessions, and lots of sports such as volleyball, gymnastics, and trampolining outdoors and badminton and ping pong in the huge upper floor of the barn. People enjoy many activities at The Grand Barn such as the swimming pool, mud bathing, and lots of photography in this video. Finally we finish off with an evening celebration of naked dancing around the campfire. 74 mins.

The Sun Always Shines at Oasis

VWD06 DVD The Sun Always Shines at Oasis
Located just north of Montreal, Canada, Oasis is one of the most delightful family nudist clubs that we have ever seen.

On an average day there are 500 or so members and guests enjoying the sun, and on a good day this number swells to well over 1000. There are no gaps in the age spectrum; there is a genuine family atmosphere here with young and old alike. In this film we have tried to portray the wonderful feeling of belonging that everyone who visits Oasis experiences.

50 mins.

Oh no! it’s the Ottawa Naturists

VWD05 DVD Oh no! it’s the Ottawa Naturists
The Ottawa Naturists started almost spontaneously in the early 90's in response to a growing population of naturists who were looking for something to do during the long Canadian winters.

ON/NO is an unlanded club which provides activities for its members during the off season. The major activities of ON/NO are the biweekly nude swims that it holds throughout the winter months at various local pools, but it also has nude bowling and several other related naturist activities.

55 mins.

Nudist Resorts of Canada ... The Undiscovered Country

VCD03 DVD Nudist Resorts of Canada ... The Undiscovered Country
A new DVD about Canadian nudist resorts provides a omprehensive look at what you can expect when taking a naturist vacation in Canada. Not until this DVD has there been such a comprehensive and practical review of nudist facilities in Canada.
Other videos focus more on the sociology of the clubs; whereas, this new video takes a pragmatic look at the locations and physical offerings of Canada’s nudist resorts. Scott has provided a view of just about every resort that English-speaking Canada has to offer. Twenty resorts, campgrounds, including one B&B, are shown in this production.