Give your body a workout, not your clothes.


While nudist camps are nothing new, experiencing Hot Nude Yoga for the first time is. Lead by Hot Nude Yoga founder Aaron Star, the "Coming Out In Hawaii" Box Set is an exploration of the pleasure and trepidation of practicing Hot Nude Yoga. It features a complete collection of Yoga and Tantric touch sessions that can be practiced alone or with friends.

Hot Nude Yoga #5 – Coming Out in Hawaii

VYD05 DVD Hot Nude Yoga #5 – Coming Out in Hawaii

This DVD features Day One, a signature Hot Nude Yoga core strengthening Yoga session packed with sequences essential for learning Yoga, staying in shape and feeling comfortable nude. An additional partner sequence can be seamlessly added into the class with instruction about how partners can work together to deepen their Yogic experience.

Also on this disc is a documentary which explores the why and who of Hot Nude Yoga; from taking that first bold step of exposing oneself and then, to ultimately feeling completely secure in a room full of like-minded men. These life-altering experiences and many of the other intertwining aspects of Hot Nude Yoga are explored by participants in candid moments, interviews and group discussions about Hot Nude Yoga and its deep impact upon their lives. 

Bonus: Hot Nude Yoga Documentary, optional partner sequence and a talk with Aaron Star about the benefits of twisting.110 minutes.

Hot Nude Yoga #6 - Sunrise In Hawaii

VYD06 DVD Hot Nude Yoga #6 - Sunrise In Hawaii
Many of the men at the retreat come from fast-paced cities like New York, London and Rio, where being on the go every moment of the day is the norm.

Sunrise In Hawaii is designed to gently ease you into your day, preparing you for the different physical demands of life on the go, yet keeping you calm, cool and collected, in an alive and stimulated fashion. No matter what the day has in store, your body and mind will feel fit and ready for it. So start your day with the early morning boys on the beach, Hot Nude Yoga style. Surprise bonus features. 60 minutes

Hot Nude Yoga #7 - Afternoon Delight

VYD07 DVD Hot Nude Yoga #7 - Afternoon Delight
When a Hawaiian retreat is probably far off in the future, don’t deny yourself an Afternoon Delight. This blissful Yoga class is designed as a restorative session, to completely wipe away built up layers of stress accumulated throughout the day.

After a day of hiking in the Hawaiian mountains, Aaron settles into a volcanic crater surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation for an Afternoon Delight. This blissful Yoga class is designed as a restorative session, to completely wipe away built up layers of stress accumulated throughout the day. From toes to forehead, you will feel pure delight and be ready for a great night. The class is paced so beginners can participate fully, yet challenging enough for advanced students to find new depth and meaning in their yoga practice. Surprise bonus features. 70 minutes.

Mandate - The Pose Off

VKD9515 DVD Mandate - The Pose Off
Wonderfully fit group of young men along with several fathers in attendance train their already sculptured bodies in preparation for an informal posing contest for all age categories.
A very happy and healthy gathering with an experienced trainer watching over the group and providing tips on exercise and physical conditioning. (all male)

Visions of Yoga

VSD41 DVD Visions of Yoga
Visions of Yoga offers the pleasure of watching thirteen beautiful young women (and one guy) move gracefully into strenuous yoga poses, seemingly almost without effort.
Unlike previous yoga videos, Naked Yoga, Visions of Yoga has only a minimal amount of instructional information. Naked Yoga offers a good deal of commentary on the theory and practice of yoga, but this video is primarily a visual treat. Enjoy the pleasure of beautiful naked young bodies in the fascinating postures of yoga, accompanied mainly by restful sync sound and occasionally with beautiful meditative music. (Approximately 85 minutes.)