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Nudist Literature

Great stories and information on the nudist/naturist lifestyle,
nude recreation, the law and nudity, and naturist poetry.



Kate’s Island by Kacey Daniels

LK01S Softcover
Looking for a nice, easy, clothes-free read to take on vacation? Kate’s Island is just the book. It is interesting enough to keep you coming back to finish, yet not demanding.
The story is set in Ireland and England, in present day. The characters are warm, and deal with the issue of telling others about being clothes-free. Some foreign slang is used, which is easily understood in context. For those wanting a clearer picture, there is a glossary in the rear of the book, defining the unfamiliar words. Kate’s Island is a delightful way to suspend reality for an hour or three, and sure to put a smile on your face as you read the ending.

Body Freedom Day

LW01S Softcover - Body Freedom Day
When a Clothed-Minded World Unraveled by Stuart R. Ward
A whimsical look at the history of naturism that sets the premise for a futuristic plan of societal change. One comes away from this book informed — by a naturist who truly enjoys his naked state — about the political points that an advocate makes, in favor of the naturist way. The book is good grounding for the curious newcomers to naturism; the information and opinions are educational for those who have not been formerly involved in the naturist evolution. For the acclimated naturist, the information presented in the first half of the book is good “review,” while the last part suggests a course of action to achieve the liberation revealed in his futuristic society. 100 pages.

Execute Judgement

LW05S Softcover - Execute Judgement

Murder? Lee and Petey Martin are back (in their second book) and again involved in a rather unusual death, this time at a nudist club on Southern Vancouver Island.

Last Copy!

Petey’s big mouth and low flash-point temper lead him to accepting the hospitality of the Queen while his Solicitor tries to get him out of jail – and trouble.

I’ll Catch the Sun

LC05S Softcover - I’ll Catch the Sun
Memoirs and Musings of a Nudist, by Richard Langdon Cook
This is a book for anyone who loves the sun, has known the joys of "skinny dipping" or who wants to.
Richard Langdon Cook has written an engaging, "good for the soul" book that makes a compelling case for nudism. Travel with him on a global journey, sharing his experiences in the U.S.A., Cyprus, Thailand, the Seychelles, South Africa, France, Hawaii, the Caribbean; and on this cultural expedition enjoy his sly observations on England, the English, Japan, the Japanese, and learn from an expert what not to do in a public bathhouse in Tokyo. Woven between amusing anecdotes, generated by the lifestyle, are thoughts on Blessings, Beliefs, Music, Relationships, Culinary Delights and Cooking in the Nude. This is an entertaining read about "life" written by a well-traveled man who simply prefers to be "Outside" his clothes than "In them."

Naked Verses

AU02H Hardcover - Naked Verses - Publisher's Special Discount
Anthology of nudist poems with perfectly chosen photos by Richard West—the nude experience in words and pictures! Many nudists, naturists, and acclaimed poets wanted to bring the words to the nude experience. 132 poems express and enrich what we all feel in a variety of ways, from haiku and limerick to all-out prose, and even lyrics.
Some poems are humorous, and some are romantic; some call out to nature, and some invoke the spirit of the moment. With words and beautiful images, this delightful coffee table book touches the essence of the nude. The poems are presented in chapters by category, and each chapter is illustrated with a related, specially selected full-page, full-color photograph by Richard West. Here is a delightful and inspiring nudist book that you will be proud to share with family and friends. 150 pages, 6x9.

Naturism: A new dimension in living

LC01S Softcover - Naturism: A new dimension in living
A booklet by W.S. Douglas, and produced in association with the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN), aptly describes the practice, the ideology, and the history of naturism in Canada. Several nice b&w photos accompany the text. 5 ½ x 8 ½, 40 pages.

Recreational Nudity and The Law

ML01H Hardcover - Recreational Nudity and The Law
Recreational Nudity and The Law, a new book by Gordon Gill, is a collection of 101 abstracts of cases dealing with recreational nudity, covering the period 1934 to the present.
Anyone perusing this book can find out about the nudist movement in society. The cases are grouped chronologically by category: a) organized nudism on private property, b) individual or group nudity in a public setting, and c) books, magazines, and motion pictures constituting serious scholarship or depicting legitimate representation. Each case portrays the factual situation, the issues before the court, and the opinion rendered, including concurrences and dissents, if any. The book is of interest to both the lay individual and the legal professional. the concise overview of the cases gives the lawyer involved in recreational nudity cases a good idea of what has and has not worked in the judicial process.

Woman and the Sea

PE05S Softcover - Woman and the Sea
The first-published love poems by Richard Tregaskis, famed war correspondent and author of Guadalcanal Diary, is beautifully illustrated with photos by nudist legend Ed Lange.
Woman and the Sea reveals the gentle side of this genius in his tender comparison of the magnificence of women and the magnitude of the sea. Tregaskis reveals an ethereal mystery in both which haunts and inspires all who approach. This first volume of his verse offers a vision of beauty, stark, yet subtle - fragile, but somehow imperishable. A dream of peace that served to relieve for him the nightmare of war. Today it serves as a reminder of the triumph of life over destruction. A beautiful, nostalgic book for the coffee table. 8 1/2 x 11, 52 pages, 10 color, 41 B&W photos.