Nudist Calendars, nudist CDs, specialty items and, unusual books for your pleasure and entertainment.

"Down Unders" - Strapless Nudist Shoes

Nothing between your toes! Walk without the flap-flap-flap! No more slipping or tripping! No straps to spoil your tan! People who see them in use are puzzled by the phenomenon.
They stay on with an adhesive that is permanently bonded to the rubber, so it won't come off your feet. With proper care, the adhesive can outlast the rubber soles. Use them over and over after a soap and water clean-up. Water releases the adhesive (which is how you clean them); they work best when kept dry, although, the shoes will usually stay on in a light rain, or to wear to the shower. No 1/2 sizes. Women's and children's sizes 4-10 ONLY. Specify shoe size when ordering.

SIT ON IT - Bare Buns Towels

MB11 Cheeky Towel

Small and practical! A 100% cotton, 100% plush, pocketed towel that is easy to carry and provides a place to put essentials when you’re out on the town. In fact, the resort of Orient Beach with its many clothing-optional restaurants and nightclubs provided the inspiration for the idea.

Just roll it up and carry it in the palm of your hand – that's a MUCH better solution than lugging a beach towel from place to place. Choose from: White, Yellow, or Purple.

Travel Nudes Calendar

Internaturally calendar of interesting nude travelers for 2012.

Destinations include: Greece, Ohio's Paradise Garden, Pearl Islands in Panama, Avalon Exhibit, Eastern Gathering, Bare Oaks in Toronto, Costa Natura in Spain, Shampagne Sunset in Tahiti, Haulover Beach Festival, Coventry Club in Vermont, Caliente Resort in Florida, and Nudist Friends at home in Avalon.

Strange Sights Calendar

Internaturally's calendar of interesting people and strange sights for 2012.
Sights Include: Sherry on a Swing in Greece, Sherry and Paul Rapoport, Four Prominent Naturists on a Couch at Eastover Naturist Gathering, Red in a Dugout Canoe, Nature's Hot Tub at Playa Sonrisa, Yoga at Desire Lake in Canada, Naked Boys in Las Vegas, Employee Rain Dance at Internaturally, Police Recruiting at Folsom Fair, Naked Dinner in Brooklyn, Full Hot Tub during a TV Shoot, Coming Out Party for Jimmy the Naked Guy for the TV Show "Queer Eye for a Straight Guy."

Outdoor Fun Calendar

Internaturally calendar of interesting people in outdoor fun for 2012.

Includes: Bonding in Tahiti, Rain Dance at White Tail Nudist Resort in Virginia, Candy and Her Strawberries at Terracotta Inn, Prominent Naturists in Turtle Back Mesa's Natural Hot Tub, Poolside at Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic, Beach Bocce Ball at Playa Sonrisa  in Mexico, Canuding at River Island Nature Retreat in Australia, Yoga at the Grand Barn in Canada, Metlife Blimp Hovers over Haulover Nude Beach, A Beauty Builds a Sand Castle, Nude Tour at Englisher Garten in Munich, Germany, and Hot Tubbing While It Snows.

The Official Suntanner's Bible

ME20S Softcover
Looking for something fun to read while adding layers of tan to your already perfect body? Want a book you can give to someone who thinks tanning is boring? This is it!
This easy-read book is filled with anecdotes, cartoons, and photos, the TAN Commandments, lists of the hottest spots, coolest shades, prescriptions for the six skin types, a guide to avoiding wrinkles, delightful one-liners to cheer you up when the sun hides, pages of tanning trivia, and lay-man's interpretations of "in" beach key works and phrases. A must for any Idle-Worshipping, Devoted, Fanatic Tan Addict.

Romantic Recipes


Cooking Nude - Quickies

Delightful collection of romantic recipes for two covering every aspect of a well planned meal - from appetizers to wine - with humor. Including recipe titles such as: "Skinny Dippin' Shrimp," "Appeteaser," "Torrid Tango," and "Get Me to the Church on Thyme."

A great gift idea!

Romantic Recipes

Cooking Nude - Playful Gourmets 
A great gift idea!

Romantic Recipes

Cooking Nude - Red Hot Lover 
A great gift idea!

Romantic Recipes


Cooking Nude - Just Married

A great gift idea!

Nature & Nudes 2007 Calendar

This "Nature & Nudes" calendar is a little dated, but the pictures are worth the price. Enjoy 12 full-color photos depicting the joy and benefits of the nudist lifestyle.

"Nature & Nudes" calendars bring scenes from some of the most beautiful places in the world as well as scenes from many clubs and resorts worldwide.

The Air Chair

Relaxing ... Revitalizing ... Remembered
The Air Chair has the capability to be adjusted so that your lower limbs (legs) are raised above your chest. This enables better circulation in your legs and is deemed beneficial for people with poor circulation.
By simply adjusting the side knots on the Air Chair and raising the footrests a little higher, you are able to quickly and easily achieve one of the most comfortable sitting positions that any chair at any price can offer you! The Air Chair is designated for both indoor and outdoor use. Be it a porch, deck, patio, game room, basement, balcony, roof overhang, cabin, living room, study, or that old oak tree swaying in the breeze. Made from durable 600 x 600 Denier Nylon. Will not rot, mold, or mildew. Each chair is equipped with arm rests, cup holder, matching foot rest, and tote bag.

Shirts by Sherry

MU07 Shirts by Sherry
A little something to toss on when you need a quick cover, for dining, or greeting an unexpected visitor.

Please specify medium or large, and color preference.