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Nudist/Naturist Fact Finder

GE06S Softcover - Nudist/Naturist Fact Finder
This dated but beautifully illustrated guide contains many excellent black and white photos from around the world - an excellent source for answering the basic questions most often asked by newcomers to the naturist idea:
What is naturism? Where do naturists go to enjoy clothing-optional living? When are the best times for naturist vacations? How has naturism changed? Collectors love this one!

Walking Softly in the Wilderness

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GR01S Softcover - Walking Softly in the Wilderness
The ground-breaking guide that first taught backpackers how to enjoy a genuine wilderness experience through a practical approach that leaves nature undisturbed. This completely revised and updated edition will continue to be the backpacking bible for novice and experienced hikers alike. Not written for the nude hiker, but the wealth of information and good sense will insure that the sans-clothing naturist also knows what to do. Get up-to-date information on - boots and foot care - sleeping bags - tents and other shelter - kitchen gear - planning a trip - packing food and fuel - making and breaking camp - first aid and safety - problem animals and plants - reading map and compass - sanitation and clean water - navigating off-trail - desert camping - snow and ice camping - hiking and camping with kids - the politics of wilderness use. 478 pages; 5 3/8 x 8 1/2".

Adventuring in Alaska

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GR02S Softcover - Adventuring in Alaska
Completely revised and updated, this is the most comprehensive and authoritative guide available to Alaska's endless recreational opportunities, as well as its unique culture and history. Not a naturist book, but the wealth of information and good sense will also insure that the sans clothing naturists know what to do. Designed for independent, nature-oriented people of all ages, this is the ideal resource for the outdoor adventure. 420 pages; 5 3/8" x 8 3/8".

Woman and the Sea

PE05S Softcover - Woman and the Sea
The first-published love poems by Richard Tregaskis, famed war correspondent and author of Guadalcanal Diary, is beautifully illustrated with photos by nudist legend Ed Lange.
Woman and the Sea reveals the gentle side of this genius in his tender comparison of the magnificence of women and the magnitude of the sea. Tregaskis reveals an ethereal mystery in both which haunts and inspires all who approach. This first volume of his verse offers a vision of beauty, stark, yet subtle - fragile, but somehow imperishable. A dream of peace that served to relieve for him the nightmare of war. Today it serves as a reminder of the triumph of life over destruction. A beautiful, nostalgic book for the coffee table. 8 1/2 x 11, 52 pages, 10 color, 41 B&W photos.

Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest

GE9621SX Dated
ThIS BOOK gives locations for both nude and non-nude sites in California, Baja (Mexico), Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, plus all the nudist resorts in Palm Springs! Many black & white photographs, dozens of accurate maps, and handicap accessibility. Over 200 pages; 7”x9”.Earlier editions still available.

Australian Bare Facts - Third Edition

GE9623S Softcover - Australian Bare Facts - Third Edition
Once the complete guide to Australian naturist recreation in the 90s! Bare Facts is now a great collectors edition of information on Australia's naturist past and the many facilities in which you could experience clothes-free recreation.
Here is a unique guide of yesteryear's Australian nude beaches, member-owned clubs, and quality clothes-optional parks, resorts, nude sports, and many other exciting venues. Includes photos, maps and still valid directions. Here is a unique guide of yesteryear's Australian nude beaches, member-owned clubs, and quality clothes-optional parks, resorts, nude sports, and many other exciting venues. Includes photos, maps and still valid directions.

Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Northwest

GE9920SX Dated
Gives locations for both nude and non-nude sites in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, British Columbia and Alberta Canada, and eastern states. 196 pages, many black and white photos and maps. 7 inches by 9 inches. Soft cover.

Naked Truth about Hedonism II

MS01S Softcover - Naked Truth about Hedonism II
Chris Santillis first book on Hedonism II.
This author had visited Hedonism II for 40-plus weeks in more than 27 trips since March 1985. Virgins and hard-core vets delight in this hilarious but honest, unauthorized travel book about this extraordinary Jamaican resort. Here are the truths and tips that will make your vacation to Hedonism II the most fun trip you'll ever take. Learn about the antics that keep the guests coming back, again and again. 189 pages, illustrated with 26 B&W photos; 5"x8 3/8".



Over 800 club grounds and holiday centers
Hundreds of free beaches
All information for regular and occasional naturists
Amply illustrated with photos, maps, and international symbols

The 1996/97 edition of the most popular, comprehensive guide to nude recreation published! Over 460 pages (4 5/8 X 8 inches) filled with maps and directions to nude-recreation resorts, parks, beaches, and organizations all over the world. This book still has 80% accurate information on naturist venues in Europe, Africa, Australia, The United States, and even the Orient. Charts, maps, and complete accommodation information in French, German, Dutch, and English for every listing! Soft cover.

"N" is for Naked

PE04S Softcover - "N" is for Naked
An exact reproduction (from the original 1965 photos and text) of a book that was popular for its light humor and excellent photography.
This fun-filled, photo-rich book was intended to be part of another special collector's item to add to the nostalgia series: Nudist Magazines of the 50s & 60s. "N" is for Naked was the first in a planned series, the Vintage Nudist Classic Series, which was not completed due to the death of publisher Ed Lange. Unique on its own,  you will enjoy this beautiful book from the Golden '60s.

Canada Naturally - The Book

PU02S Softcover - Canada Naturally - The Book

A Photo Essay by Richard West:


Visit Canada's nudists and their parks in this beautiful 120-page, full-color photo extravaganza - the extraordinary photography of Richard West. Canada Naturally, from Events Unlimited, contains over 200 magnificent full-color photos and ample information on eastern Canada's most popular nudist parks and resorts. The beautiful 120-page photo essay by Richard West is in full color from cover to cover, from the publishers of Naturally magazine. Canada's beautiful nudist resorts await you!

Canada Naturally, Book Two

PU05S Softcover - Canada Naturally, Book Two
Another photo extravaganza by Richard West is a delightful continuation of Canada Naturally, the Book, from Events Unlimited.
Magnificent full-color photos and an informative essay about Richard West's work and Canadian naturism in English and French. Produced in full color from cover to cover, from the publishers of Travel Naturally magazine. 116 pages. 8 1/4" x 10 3/4".

Naturisme - INF Guide 2000-2001

GK01S - INF Guide 2000-2001

The official travel guide of the International Naturist Federation. Over 800 club grounds and holiday centers, including hundreds of free beaches.

 Well illustrated with maps and photos. Text in English, French, German, and Dutch.  Softcover.

Body Packaging by Julian Robinson

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SE28H Hardcover - Body Packaging by Julian Robinson

As nudists we are all aware how clothing influences people. We act and feel differently while clothed in various kinds of garments. We "become" the persona that our clothes suggest or represent. It is precisely why, in escaping this influence, we can truly appreciate being nude.

We are fully ourselves only when we are nude, naturally. Body Packaging is a copiously and artfully illustrated book about body adornment in all its fascinating forms. Controversial and visually explicit, Body Packaging uncovers the coverings from cod pieces and penile sheaths to high-heeled shoes and French knickers, from uniforms and bondage to wedding dresses, tail coats and jeans. From cover to cover, this stunningly beautiful photo journal, which also includes many fine paintings and illustrations, traces the effect that clothing has had on people through the centuries. It's an "eye opener," and also a great opener for discussions about why we value being nude. 208 pages, hundreds of photographs in color and B&W, 8 3/4 inches by 11 1/2 inches.

Naturism in Spain

2015 Summer Sale

Produced by the publishers of Todo Naturismo which we carry under Specialty Magazines, though they are not in English, as is this excellent DVD.

It's like seeing the once popular Spanish magazine come alive in English! Here is a marvelous video that introduces you to those magnificent Spanish naturist resorts and the people who enjoy them. Visit El Templo Del Sol, El Portus, Natsun, and the phenomenal Costa Natura. It's in English, so everybody can benefit from this excellent but slightly dated naturist production. Approx 45 min.

The Spirit of Lady Godiva

PA802L Leatherbound - The Spirit of Lady Godiva
This unique book, eight years in the making, presents Harvey’s photographs of nudes in public places. Lots of nude people — women and men, young and old. But there’s a twist: right next to them are unsuspecting clothed people.
The result may be hilarious or look impossible — but it’s real. The photos are completely unaltered. Yes, that nude man really is leaving a store with a pocket watch. Yes, those two nude women really are walking past a police station. And yes indeed, there are nearly two dozen nude people lounging on an outdoor terrace in lots of clothed company! From New York to Los Angeles, New Orleans to Madison, Harvey has captured an incredible variety of scenes, including famous landmarks, all with nude people right there. The nudity is simple and natural: no hiding of body parts, no streaking or flashing, no teasing or flaunting. These nude people behave just like anyone else while ordering a meal, buying flowers, sitting on a bench, or hailing a cab. Over 130 large photos fill this amazing book, with lively stories about all the scenes. Plus a preface where Harvey explains his art, and an introduction by an international expert on nudity, Paul Rapoport. This book will astound you with its humor, honesty, imagination, and wonderful attitude towards nudity. 12" x 9", 280 pp., b&w. Hardcover.