A World Without Clothes (AWWC) is the final book edited by Naturally Magazine and Travel Naturally magazine editor, Bern, before his untimely death.  A beautifully edited, full color book of true naturists, enjoying their freedom.

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Green Is My Kin

VID52 DVD Green Is My Kin

In this new episode of summer travels, we leave the hot and sunny beaches far behind and travel to a hidden valley in the mountains, where the green and overgrown forest welcomes us as real back-to-nature lovers.

We stay in a centuries-old stone-built Dacha, without electricity or running water, but with all the sense of past times invading our souls as we live in total naked freedom. For the first time we visit the greenery of untrodden nooks and hidden clearings. Time stands still, but our PLANETS project advances as we visit Saturn, with the mysterious God of mysticism and time. When a violent summer storm arrives, what better way to greet it than dancing naked in the rain.  Here, far removed from the crowds, our kin is truly green.

Fire Dance - Paint & Prance

VID50 DVD Fire Dance - Paint & Prance

To be naked is to be free, to be free is to be happy, and to be happy makes you want to prance around and let the whole world know that life is worth living.

Here, some of our friends let their hair down  in joyful play on the beach at Fox Bay. Later, we visit another unexplored site, Kinogorod, which is an abandoned Crinema city along the rocky coast, now falling into ruins. A perfect setting for some almost serious painting and artwork. And how to be in the Crimea and not go for a mud bath? Traditions die hard, even with naturists. Finally, as the night falls over our camp, we indulge in a kind of primitive and pagan night fire dance, with torches and chants, ritual jumping and just plain fun, letting the darkness surround us and take us into our dreams. A real fire dance!

Liberty Mountain

VID49 DVD Liberty Mountain

The sun is calling, the sea is beckoning, liberty is the dream, and Fox Bay our location.

In this first chapter, our friends have some great fun on the beach with a couple of large plastic shells, painted to look real, and, with apologies to Botticelli, we enact our own version of the birth of Venus. Then the volcanic mountains become our gateway to total liberty: in the forests and in our hearts, liberty, we call your name.  We live out our very own Alpine Symphony, with amazing landscapes and beautiful naked freedom. Here then is the record of a fabulous trek across our Liberty Mountain.

Winter NUDES and more

VDD48 DVD Winter NUDES and more
The long winter months in Kiev give rise to a few meetings in saunas and country houses for our friends of the Ukrainian Naturist Organization. From our meetings, plus musical slide shows in HD that capture and portray all the fun and happiness of our unique naturist world.
And as winter turns to spring, more joy and beauty to be seen.  All the splendour of our world is shown off again in this unique blend of artistic natural freedom.  60 minutes.

Spring Is Sprung - Let's Have Some Fun

VID47 DVD Spring Is Sprung - Let's Have Some Fun
After the rigors of the long cold winter months, what joy to see the new life being reborn in the forests and the streams, the flowers and the birds, and the people who make up our naked universe. Yes, Spring is here at last, and our friends in Kiev celebrate in diverse ways this oh-so-loved season.
Easter is a time for families to celebrate the pagan and the spiritual, and here we have our Easter celebration, naturist style. Then we have a dance sequence in a beautiful forest whose floor is littered with ephemeral flowers; a true portrait of Spring. One of our members celebrates her birthday, with all the joy and happiness that entails and everyone gives up their bodies and souls to the aura of this fabulous season, Spring!

58 Minutes For Naked Eternity

VID46 DVD - 58 Minutes For Naked Eternity
In the Ukraine, highlighting the naturist communities in this little-known region of Eastern Europe.
Documenting a fabulous lifestyle, seen here in each separate title. The author now presents a new preview series, showing one minute from 58 selected titles, which you can see as an endless story of how life has evolved here, and how 58 short minutes make up a fabulous bevy of fun and games and beauty, families and landscapes, 58+ minutes for naked eternity.

Is It A Dream?

VID44 DVD - Is It Dream?
Our endless dreams of peace and harmony have led us to many different and beautiful places over the long years. And what would our lives be if we could not take the time out now and again to dream, as only dreamers can dream?
So once again we populate the beaches of Odessa and Kiev in our endless quest for dreamlike fantasies, and our naturist friends live out their own dreams of happy days in the sun, while the sea and the rivers, the whole of nature in all her glory, asks us the same unanswerable question: Is it a dream? 60 mins.

Have Yourselves a Merry Naked Christmas

VID45 DVD Have Yourselves a Merry Naked Christmas
The winter beckons again, and our friends are full of Christmas cheer. Kiev is snowbound and frozen, as always, but the atmosphere is warm and one of partying.
Members of the Ukrainian Naturist Organization inhabit a huge wooden chalet down by the frozen river, leaving the cold outside, and a day-long festival takes place in a timeless sphere of goodwill, music, games and happiness, while not forgetting the symbolism and meaning of this very special time of year for families. Some even dip in an ice hole in the frozen river. Here then is the latest offering from Kiev, whose participants are more than happy to say: Have yourselves a very merry naked Christmas! 65 mins.

Wild West, Robots & Halloween

VID41 DVD Wild West, Robots, and Halloween
Autumn is in the air again, a soft melancholy time as the year winds down towards its wintry end and, once again, it's that very special time of year for partying with masks, balloons, games and dancing, family fun and laughter—HALLOWEEN! 
We discover a brand new sauna complex in downtown Kiev, named the WILD WEST, and a group of families from the Ukrainian Naturist Organization meet here for a fun evening together. Ghouls and pumpkins, cowboys and mermaids, and as an added surprise, a parody of robots dancing in a psychedelic room just for us (With apologies to Daft Punk!). Another great party and another great film to recall all the fun we had. 66 mins.

Picturing Our Naked World

VDD40 DVD Picturing Our Naked World
Highlighting the latest Crimean trips of friends from the Ukrainian Naturist Organization, and featuring HD video clips from these latest films, with hundreds of HD digital photos accompanied with music, text, and voice-over narration.
 A visual treat that opens a window to the unique and happy world of AWWC, and that lets you see how the naked world is pictured by carefree families in naked splendor in sunny Crimea. You'll come away with a smile every time you watch this DVD. 65 mins.

Miles & Miles of Crimean Smiles

VDD39 DVD Miles & Miles of Crimean Smiles
The adventure in this new chapter of summer fun roll out the plastic ball on the choppy sea, create smiles.
The Crimea has always been a special place for naturists, and this summer sees the naturists in Fox Bay, where life is just one endless smile under the sun by the sea. 62 minutes.

Great Balls & Naked Fire

VID38 DVD Great Balls & Naked Fire
The summer is trundling along at a great pace, and it is July. Our friends from the Ukrainian Naturist Organization continue their adventures in the Crimea, returning now to Fox Bay, an old favorite from long ago when our first adventures here were recorded.
A huge plastic ball gives vent to much fun and laughter; then, as we spend a night on the beach, a romantic fire is lit to keep us warm and to let the fancies fly. A new episode of happy hours and moments, to begin a new saga of free living and total happiness.

Mars & Muddy Merry-Making

VID37 DVD Mars & Muddy Merry-Making
When the sun is in the Crimean sky and the sea is a cradle for all our dreams, we continue our project of the Planets, having found a new Mars, Thomas, and his acolyte (son), Sahatsawat, which means “born with the century.”
They create paintings of the planet Mars and the sun, with the girls aiding. We also visit Silent Bay to indulge in some soothing volcanic mud-covering, now also an annual pilgrimage. All in all a new look at old places, with new faces to light the way.

Crimean Skies are Blue Again

VID36 DVD Crimean Skies are Blue Again
The sea is warm and welcoming, the sun is high and bright, our friends have traveled south again to seek the brightest light.
Yes, it's already been one year since we were here last, and everything is in place for a new season of fun and games in the most extraordinary landscapes and seascapes of our favorite destination — the Crimea. It's time to let our hair down then and seek out those exhilarating experiences that will rebound in images and sounds, as we play and sing and dance across the deserted shores and mountains, happy to say with full conviction, yes, the Crimean skies are really blue again.

Horses & Other Planets

VID35 DVD Horses & Other Planets
Always looking for new ideas and new format, the Ukrainian Naturist Organization undertakes another saga in the Crimea, a little before the main summer season has already gone underway.
A trip to a Tartar stable in the nearby mountains gives rise to a fabulous trek in lush green forests and against mountain landscapes, all naturist, of course. And another day when rain keeps us indoors, we continue our long-term project of the THE PLANETS, with some of our friends giving vent to their imaginations as they draw and paint their own dream versions of the planets of our solar system. So, another original film is completed, and we hope you will be pleased as we continue our forward steps with horses and other planets.

New Crimean Dreams

VID34 DVD New Crimean Dreams
After ten years of holidaying in the Crimea, it is sometimes difficult to justify yet another trip, although once again the atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and that of fun and games, always attracts us like some sun-powered magnet.
This film explores once again the endless vistas of rocks and deserted beaches, and our friends from the Ukrainian Naturist Organization do their best to make the holiday original and fun-soaked, as always, living out once again what can only be described as new Crimean dreams.

Happy Birthday Luiza!

VDD33 DVD Happy Birthday Luiza!
Today is a very special day for one friend, Luiza, who celebrates her birthday down by the Black Sea. It's a very special time of course for all of us, and some of our friends from the Ukrainian Naturist Organization come together to make it a very special event for Luiza.
A cake on the beach, a few games, and when an unannounced storm upsets the outdoor fun, we transfer indoors, where the games continue into the evening, where an impromptu disco rounds off what was a perfect day!

Sailing Naked into Summer

VDD32 DVD Sailing Naked Into Summer
Cruising down the river on a sunny afternoon is always great fun, and when it involves a full-scale model of an old paddle-ship named the MISSISSIPPI, well, who could resist its charms?
 The Ukrainian Naturist Organization set up another lazy crazy day then on the river as the first days of summer begin to open our hearts and our bodies to the warm rays of the sun, and a few families test the waters and the beaches of our favourite venues around Kiev. Like a rehearsal for the hot days to come, this first summer trip is full of fun and laughter, and our song is sung out loud to one and all as we sail naked and free into the summer.

Natural Eyes

VDD31 DVD Natural Eyes
What better way to see the natural wonder of our world!  Natural scenes shot with  candor.
There are also several photo/music montages that express in their own way the beauty of natural bodies shot in natural landscapes, captured by the natural eyes of well-known naturist photographers. Here then for your continued enjoyment is our vision of the world as seen through truly Natural Eyes.

All Things Bare and Beautiful

VDD30 DVD All Things Bare and Beautiful
Naturism and naturalism – two words that are very close in conception and meaning. This new film tries to bring these two relatives even closer, with naturist families playing at naturalists with pet animals, a visit to the local zoo, and lots of games and ballets of a none-too-serious nature, as always with our friends from the Ukrainian Naturist Organization.
See bears and deer, apes and rabbits, turtles and a tarantula! Yes, some real, some toy, but all part of the nature we relish and praise in a wonderful hymn to life and liberty, letting our souls soar high once again to reach all things bare – and beautiful!