A World Without Clothes (AWWC) is the final book edited by Naturally Magazine and Travel Naturally magazine editor, Bern, before his untimely death.  A beautifully edited, full color book of true naturists, enjoying their freedom.

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A World Without Clothes (in print and ebook)
Naked Through the 4 Seasons (ebook photo album)
A History of Naked Time (ebook photo album)

Sailing Naked into Summer

VDD32 DVD Sailing Naked Into Summer
Cruising down the river on a sunny afternoon is always great fun, and when it involves a full-scale model of an old paddle-ship named the MISSISSIPPI, well, who could resist its charms?
 The Ukrainian Naturist Organization set up another lazy crazy day then on the river as the first days of summer begin to open our hearts and our bodies to the warm rays of the sun, and a few families test the waters and the beaches of our favourite venues around Kiev. Like a rehearsal for the hot days to come, this first summer trip is full of fun and laughter, and our song is sung out loud to one and all as we sail naked and free into the summer.

A Brief History of Naked Time - Volume Three - The Later Years

VID29 DVD A Brief History of Naked Time - Volume Three
Summer Sale
Time waits for no man, as the old expression goes, but time can be recorded as it drifts by us in our lives, and this last volume of our naked history is a record of time, mostly good times, we have spent in the sun.
The later years have seen us very active in the resort town of Koktebel, and now we bring you many more memories and unused scenes of our past summers, with cruises and beaches and festivals, a new kind of "making-of" that we are certain you will enjoy as cameras on the side recorded the author at work in various situations, and all in all this trilogy is a veiled homage to the author, as well as being our unique brief history of naked time gone by. 62 mins.

A Brief History of Naked Time - Volume Two - The Middle Years

VID28 DVD A Brief History of Naked Time - Volume Two
Summer Sale
The second volume of our history and memories takes us again back to the Crimea, with a beautiful mountain walk, then to Kiev and Odessa, both important landmarks in the story we are constantly living with the Ukrainian Naturist Organization.
Here, again, we can see and feel the years go by as our children get bigger by the season, but our unabashed fun and enjoyment remain constant. On the beaches and in the saunas, on the rocks and in the sea, these never-before seen segments will let you relive all the beauty and happiness we have recorded over time, and our brief history of naked time will enchant you over and over, as it did us while recording it for you. 62 mins.

49 Steps Toward a Naturist Dream

VDD12 DVD 49 Steps Toward a Naturist Dream
Summer Sale
NEWLY REEDITED IN WIDE-SCREEN HD, INCLUDING NEW FOOTAGE... Ukraine has become one of the leading nations in promoting family naturism, mostly from the unrelenting efforts of one film maker and his friends, who have gone from strength to strength each year with new locations, new ideas, and new images.
Updated for 2011, this film represents the 49th effort, and it is a small showcase for some of the other films that have paved the road to this international success. A kind of "Best Of" that will whet the appetite for further screenings. Poetry in motion, beautiful settings, genuine naturist families, and a certain sense of total freedom that holds true from the beginning to the end. Plus, enjoy an intimate portrait/interview of the film-maker on one of the beaches that have served him so often and so well. Here are some of those 49 steps that have slowly led to the realization of a naturist dream of a World Without Clothes.

Let the Sun Shine

VDD01 DVD Let the Sun Shine
Ukraine hit the world’s headlines recently with its “Orange Revolution,” and when that was over, it was the “Eurovision Song Contest” that got the capital, Kiev, singing and dancing for a whole week.
Shortly after, it was the celebration of World Naturist Day that saw a gathering of the Ukrainian Naturist Organization (UNO) in Kiev, down by the River Dnepr, as naturists of all ages set off on a large cruise ship to enjoy a barbecue and a lot of games on an isolated island on the outskirts of Kiev. So come aboard as we cruise upriver to celebrate the first party of the budding summer season, and watch these naturist families enjoying their newfound freedom and naked happiness as they join with one happy voice to shout aloud to the watching world... Let the Sun Shine! 60 mins.

The Naturist Diaries

CD01 CD The Naturist Diaries
Presenting a photo and video journal of trips with the Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists in CD format.
Enjoy  a musical slide show and diary texts from different places and trips in Kiev.