The Kiev Naturist Association collaborated to create KCN Family naturist / nudist videos in the Ukraine, Egypt, Holland, Bulgaria, Crimea, and Croatia. Here you can enjoy a sample of the fun they enjoy and places they visit.  Perhaps you will want to travel to these destinations!


Bare & Beautiful in Bulgaria

VKCD08 DVD Bare & Beautiful in Bulgaria
Summer Sale
Every year on the second Saturday of August, a naturist Sea Festival is held on the beach near Varna.


This year KCN cameras were invited to record this unique event. Now see for yourselves all the fun and joy of the Bulgarian naturists as they engage in games and competitions of every kind: races, tightrope, body painting, lottery, and games. A great event for all the family and this video diary captures all the fun and excitement as it happens. 60 mins.

Happy Holland Holidays

VKCD10 DVD Happy Holland Holidays
Summer Sale

The Dutch Smoothy Club and a few members of KCN get together to celebrate the International Smoothy Days at Flavo Natuur in Holland.

The four days were filled with intense fun and frolics, so luckily KCN Productions' cameras were on hand to record what was to be a great and unique event in the annals of naturist meetings...
Meet Gerard, president of the Dutch Smoothy Club, and his wife Ria, as they welcome a jolly crowd of all ages, then host them through a diverse program of activities. Enjoy a photo-shoot with Richard, a chaotic line-dance and sizzling barbecues, swimming in Flavo Natuur's outdoor pool, traditional herring eating, and when the sun gives in to a violent rain storm, watch the un-dampened spirits of some of the young girls as they dance happily in the pouring rain, and a lot more. So sit back and enjoy with us what was a indeed a great and happy holiday in Holland! 60 mins.

Joyful Christmas... in Orange Kiev

VKCD18 DVD Joyful Christmas... in Orange Kiev
Summer Sale
The KCN club Christmas party in 2004 was special because it was held during the celebration of the victory of the Ukraine Orange revolution.
The participants of the party were inspired and had fun from the heart. The guests were welcomed by three Santa Clauses from the different parts of the world. "Young and naughty Snow Girl" the obligatory personage of Slavic Xmas, played her part skilfully. She got the guests worked up in the competitions and dance. The participants were delighted. Each had a nude fancy dress. They played and sang songs, recited poetry, and proposed toasts. And everybody danced till they dropped. It was impossible to stay still! One mad musician blew the trumpet and contrived to sing and dance at the same time. Oh, it was a wonderful party, and a wonderful time. You’ll see it all in this DVD. This film is the third work by Andrii Litovchenko. His previous videos: “Six girls in one bus” and “Five girls in Egypt” are already established favorites. Make your Christmas joyful, too! 60 mins.

KCN Productions’ The Best of #1

VKCD12 DVD KCN Productions’ The Best of #1
Summer Sale
Now, for the first time, you can see some of the finest moments from many trips, and get a broad idea of what KCN is all about.
Here, in one film, is captured some of the humor, poetry, and amazing landscapes that have made KCN films so popular within naturist circles, and this Best of #1 will hopefully whet your appetite and create interest that will entice you to travel to a naturist destination.

Smoothy Days are Here Again

VKCD14 DVD Smoothy Days are Here Again
Summer Sale
Yes, the Smoothies are back at Flevo Natuur, the base for their annual festivities.
When the Dutch Smoothy Group, under the presidency of Gerard and his wife Ria, organized the 13th International Smoothy Days, once again KCN cameras are there to record the events: water-rocket making and launching, a Mexican evening, swimming in the indoor pool, combined national dance sequence. Another great even capture for all time on film, which you will enjoy as if you were really there. Approx. 60 mins.

The Naturist Diaries

CD01 CD The Naturist Diaries
Presenting a photo and video journal of trips with the Kiev Commonwealth of Naturists in CD format.
Enjoy  a musical slide show and diary texts from different places and trips in Kiev.