Czech Naturist Paradise I

VSD32 DVD Czech Naturist Paradise I
Part I shows a young couple enjoying naked horseback riding in a public park and a group of attractive young people enjoying a naked party at a night club.
58 mins.

Czech Naturist Paradise II

VSD33 DVD Czech Naturist Paradise II
Part II starts with a tour of castles, including one in the nude, then a weight-lifting session, and finally a pool party and and barbecue at a private home.
64 mins.

Czech Naturist Paradise III

VSD34 DVD Czech Naturist Paradise III
Part III we visit Prague and do a naked tour of an art gallery; then there’s a session of naked aerobics and an afternoon of naked bowling.
58 mins.

Freedom Weekends

VSD35 DVD Freedom Weekends
Australian naturism at its best and liveliest.
First we go to the Samurai Nude Beach Carnival, where 200 determined naturists didn’t let the somewhat rainy weather discourage them from having a great time of games and dancing. Then we travel to the Swanbourne Beach Olympics in Perth, where hundreds of nudists enjoyed another great festival. Finally we visit Sunseekers, a fine naturist club just outside of Perth, where kids and adults enjoy swimming, the playground, and lots of games. 66 mins.

River Island Nature Retreat

VSD37 DVD River Island Nature Retreat
Visit River Island, one of Australia's largest and best clothing-optional resorts, located in a pristine valley about 100 miles southwest of Sydney.
In this video you get to see some of the many activities of this beautiful resort, such as the TAN 1000-foot Nude Fun Run, a 4WD competition, and a nude body sculpture. Check out the resort's splendid facilities, such as cabins for rent, swimming and canoeing in the river, hiking trails, and the outdoor showers. For the finale we attend a great Birthday Weekend with the Mr. and Ms. Macho contest, lots of frolic in the huge swimming pool, and a great naked party evening! 56 mins.

Running Out Of Clothes

VSD38 DVD Running Out Of Clothes
This video centers on Sun Leisure, a spacious naturist resort near Brisbane, where the Sun State Nude Fun Run takes place every Easter.
We see the race for three successive years, interspersed with shots of many features of the resort such as its pool, exercise room, mini-ten court, broad grassy lawns, and clubhouse. Watch special Easter events such as the kids' slippery slide each year, the egg toss, tug of war, dance party, boys' and men's pool competitions, and lots of other sports and games. 57 mins.

Naked In-Sight

VSD39 DVD Naked In-Sight
Mark Storey produced and narrates this 47-minute documentary that addresses the the issues of going naked in public.
Interviews with Charles MacFarland, creator of Synetech videos, include many scenes of naked-in-public footage from Naked Sydney, Naked Celebrations, Naked Travels I, Decent Exposure, and Naked In Public Videos I and II. Naked In-Sight is recommended for those who need validation that the naked body, both male and female, in public venues containing men, women, and children, is both innocent and harmless. 47 mins.

The Grand Barn

VSD40 DVD The Grand Barn
The Grand Barn is a progressive and creative resort welcoming Nudity in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada, midway between Montreal, Ottawa, and Cornwall. It was originally a dairy farm of 250 acres, and boasts the huge barn, lots of green fields, and a 40-acre forest.
The Grand Barn emphasizes freedom and independence, and prides itself on appealing to rational, intelligent human beings. It encourages alternative lifestyles and progressive thinking. Anyone who is willing to live at peace with everyone is welcome at The Grand Barn. In this video you can see the facilities of the resort, such as the shop, office, and restaurant bus, and the great open spaces with a naked walk across the fields to Desire Lake. Enjoy two body painting sessions, and lots of sports such as volleyball, gymnastics, and trampolining outdoors and badminton and ping pong in the huge upper floor of the barn. People enjoy many activities at The Grand Barn such as the swimming pool, mud bathing, and lots of photography in this video. Finally we finish off with an evening celebration of naked dancing around the campfire. 74 mins.

Visions of Yoga

VSD41 DVD Visions of Yoga
Visions of Yoga offers the pleasure of watching thirteen beautiful young women (and one guy) move gracefully into strenuous yoga poses, seemingly almost without effort.
Unlike previous yoga videos, Naked Yoga, Visions of Yoga has only a minimal amount of instructional information. Naked Yoga offers a good deal of commentary on the theory and practice of yoga, but this video is primarily a visual treat. Enjoy the pleasure of beautiful naked young bodies in the fascinating postures of yoga, accompanied mainly by restful sync sound and occasionally with beautiful meditative music. (Approximately 85 minutes.)

Naked Day Out

VSD42 DVD - Naked Day Out
Naked Day Out begins with an excursion by Shannon, who is quite happy to go naked in public. She poses by some birch trees while cars go past, disposes of recyclables by a supermarket, and reposes awhile in a lovely forest. Finally, she goes naked by a lake and gets herself a refreshing drink in a nearby restaurant as several happy people watch.

Klara and Barbora enjoy a naked day out to a green valley, doing yoga on the way and playing games when they arrive. Petra and Katka enjoy a naked afternoon with lots of people in a pub.

For a cold day out, Klara and lovely Ivana build a fire and then get naked as the cottage warms up, to enjoy naked massage and dancing. Finally, Jenny goes out on a lovely warm day in Australia, swimming in a beautiful pool, dancing, running, and playing the day away.

Life in Eden

VSD43 DVD - Life in Eden
Life in Eden shows the joys that love of life and nakedness can bring. We start with voluptuous young Vika, who performs a dramatic dance of Butoh and imitates the movement of a leopard. She enjoys a romp in the surf, and then returns to the beach at night to dance with firesticks, her oiled body gleaming in the firelight.

Next, we see three girls enjoy a daytime party in a luxurious house, playing in the swimming pool, doing acrobatic exercises, and frolicking like cats.

Finally, a group of fourteen naturists from 14 to 40 enjoy an evening party, with body decorations, playing on an exercise ball and in the swimming pool, doing synchronized dancing inside and circling around a fire outside, and generally having a wild and wonderful time.

Naked Fun - Two Disk Set

VSD44 DVD - Naked Fun - Two Disk Set
Nudity in the raw! Raw video footage, that is. For those who like their naturist video with minimal commentary and added music, Naked Fun gives three hours of video delight.

We begin with Shannon making a rainy day into a day of fun, and then watch Abby having fun in the bright sunshine. Petra's party shows seven naturists enjoying ball games and relays, then going inside for charades and dancing. This DVD concludes with shots of beautiful Nataly and two couples dancing.

The second DVD shows Jana modelling her new clothes from New York, and several naked girls dancing. We watch three lovely girls frolic at Protestors' Falls, enjoying the great American West, and Anna at another set of cascades. Finally, we watch Shannon teach salsa dancing to beautiful Yva and Roni, and elegant Monica and Marianne posing for Victorian photos.

Living Sculpture - Two Disk Set

VSD45 DVD - Living Sculpture - Two Disk Set
Stretching the envelope of public nudity, Shannon walks around naked in a sculpture park and poses and dances among its exotic, religious, and political sculptures. Then, the sculptor ties her up like a package with string and throws powder on her, making Shannon herself a living sculpture.
On the second DVD, we enjoy a party with eight people doing relays, jumping rope, playing soccer and twister, taking cold showers, doing stretching exercises, and Rolfing massage, dancing, and generally having a great time. Then, we accompany Shannon as she walks naked, alone into a crowded night club, where she chats at the bar, dances, and walks freely around among the crowds of clothed revellers.

Specials 1: Badminton, Table Tennis, and Modeling

VSD46 DVD Special 1: Badminton, Table Tennis, and Modeling
Every once in awhile there is a Synetech shoot that goes so well that I like to watch the whole of the footage, without any editing or changes. It crossed my mind that some Synetech viewers might like the same thing, and so were born the Synetech Specials.

      One such wonderful shoot was the day I photographed three beautiful girls, Oleha, Celta, and Yalitsa, at The Grand Barn. They played badminton in the upper story of the barn, and then oiled themselves to shine in the soft light, and played table tennis.
      Finally they went downstairs and enjoyed the hot tub, with a cold plunge in the swimming pool to finish off. Celta also modeled for photos the next afternoon down by the lake and among some young trees. It was a real pleasure to work with such lovely girls.
Their ease and comfort with nakedness show the true value of being raised in the naturist lifestyle. 58 mins.

Specials 2: Beach Carnivals

VSD47 DVD Special 2: Beach Carnivals
Nude beach carnivals are some of the most vibrant and exciting events in the nudist calendar. They are lots of fun, and give great publicity to the naturist ideal. This video shows two of the best.
      The Bondi Beach Nude Nightsurfing events were held in the late 1990’s. Despite meagre publicity, the event lasted only three years, but not because of a lack of popularity. On the contrary, the event grew so popular that Waverly Council had to ban it because the crowds were becoming so large that they felt it was unsafe.
      The Samurai Beach Carnival has been held for many years in November. Sponsored by River Island Nature Retreat, a popular clothing-optional resort near Mittagong, and by the Free Beach Association of New South Wales, among others, the event has drawn large crowds every year to this relatively isolated nude beach.
      These events certainly demonstrate what nonsense it is to believe that people find public nudity offensive, which is the only basis for the laws against it. If the naked body is offensive, why do so many people flock to the Samurai carnivals? Why did hundreds and then thousands of people show up to watch the Naked Nightsurfing on Bondi, and take photos of the contestants? Naked beauty is a joy of the spirit, and we should do whatever we can to enjoy it and promote it. 68 mins.

Specials 3: Beach Carnival

VSD48 DVD Specials 3: Beach Carnival
The Samurai Beach Carnival has been held for many years in November. Sponsored by River Island Nature Retreat, a popular clothing-optional resort near Mittagong, and by the Free Beach Association of New South Wales, among others, the event has drawn large crowds every year to this relatively isolated nude beach.
      The event is a fine demonstration of the health and happiness of the naturist lifestyle. Hundreds of people of all ages mingle happily on this gorgeous beach, enjoying sporting events, swimming, and socializing.
      The naked way of life is a blessing, and we should do everything we can to promote it among people everywhere. 60 mins.

Specials 4: Walk Up Mt. Warning

VSD49 DVD Specials 4: Walk Up Mt. Warning
Deya, who did several Synetech shoots, decided she would like to do something really different and dramatic. She conceived the idea of walking naked all the way up the long path to the top of Mt. Warning. She invited her friends Rose and Esperanza, who thought it was a great idea.
      This was the first naked in public Synetech shoot, and it went brilliantly. Everyone loved the girls’ nakedness, and thought it was perfectly appropriate for the natural rainforest slopes. Since it was a hot day, it was also suitable to the weather, and left the clothed people admiring.
      The walk took place on December 2, 1996, and that day remains a warm and happy memory to me, one of the best of all the Synetech shoots. 81 mins.

Specials 5: Nude Beach Rally

VSD50 DVD Specials 5: Nude Beach Rally
Belongil Beach near Byron Bay had become an unofficial nude beach over the years, but then an over-zealous constable of the local police decided to make a crusade of arresting the happy naked bathers there.
      The alternative people of Byron Bay do not take that sort of oppression lying down, and held a rally in support of the nude beach on April 12, 1997.
      It was a fun-filled and pleasant day, with nude surfing contests, body painting, baton twirling, mud bathing, and lots of music, chanting, and dance. It ended with a huge circle dance and a group hug.
      It was a glorious experience to video this and see the naked lifestyle really blooming. This video gives you the chance to see the whole of the footage shot that day in all its naked wonder. 61 mins.

Specials 6: Klara & Monika at the Nightclub

VSD51 DVD Specials 6: Klara & Monika at the Nightclub
The forces of oppression in our society try to pretend that the human body is offensive and thus must be concealed from public view. Unjust laws are in place to reinforce this view.
      On the contrary, most people love to see naked bodies and flock to events involving nakedness. Synetech stages small naked events to demonstrate this truth. One way to do this is to have people go naked in the presence of lots of people, for example at nightclubs.
      This DVD shows Klara and Monika enjoying such a naked experience. They took off all their clothes in a large crowded nightclub, and immediately several guys invited them to dance. When they went into another room where people were sitting, Monika made a hit with
the people at one table, and one guy even came in while she was relaxing and invited her to come out and join them. Then the girls played pool and darts in the busy room with its crowded bar.
      The joys of the naturist lifestyle are no longer restricted to isolated resorts, beaches, and clubs. As long as you can avoid police oppression, you can go naked anywhere in our modern world, and the vast majority of people will admire you for it. 65 mins.

Specials 7: Naturist Freedom

VSD54 DVD Specials 7: Naturist Freedom

Every once in awhile there is a Synetech shoot that goes so well that I like to look at the whole of the footage, without any editing or changes. It crossed my mind that some Synetech viewers might like the same thing, and so were born the Synetech Specials.

One such wonderful shoot was the day I visited a naturist resort in France. I enjoyed watching a volleyball game, a girl visiting the snacks bar, and then two beautiful girls, one of them wearing an outlandish hat for sun protection. There was a family playing a board game, and two girls doing the family dishes.

As the day wore on, I enjoyed many activities, such as archery, painting rocks, wire jewelry, family badminton, paper cutting, and papier mache.

The video concludes with a clever girl doing surfing at the pool. It's wonderful seeing so many people enjoying the warm French sunshine in the nude. The footage certainly demonstrates the true value of the naturist lifestyle.