09 our brasilian friends
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Naturist photographer Richard West brings you a video series about family naturism in Spain,  Brazil, Canada, and the USA. These delightful DVDs and Virtually magazines are as informative as they are pleasing to view.

Virtually ... Nude in Brazil

VWD01 DVD Virtually ... Nude in Brazil
The naturist movement in Brazil is a thriving community with over 20 official clubs and beaches, a legal status throughout the country, and a popularity and growth that is explosive.

This film takes a close and intimate look at the first and biggest naturist beach and the biggest naturist club in the south of Brazil — delightful family atmosphere amidst breathtaking scenery. 

50 mins.

Our Brazilian Friends

VWD09 DVD Our Brazilian Friends

On our second trip to Brazil, thousands of miles from home, we traveled way up north to a remote little place miles from anywhere, called Massarandupio. Upon arriving late in the evening, Roberto, only one of 180 million Brazilians whom we had never met, made a shocking revelation, "I know you!"

Apparently we published an article of his in Virtually Magazine #2, but until now didn't know it was him. Roberto, Lurdes and their son Juniclei became instant friends. They were an enormous help making our earlier films in Brazil, and they became such good friends that we made a third trip to Brazil primarily to visit them. Robert also reciprocated and came to visit us in Canada on a few occasions. During our visits to Brazil, we accumulated much footage of our friends, which really didn't fit any of our other projects. As a tribute to them we have included it here in a special film for Our Brazilian Friends. (50 mins.)

Nude in the South of Brazil

VWD03 DVD Nude in the South of Brazil
In this film we visited two wonderful and unique clubs that we missed during our first visit in the south.

We then re-visited the club and beach from Virtually ... Nude in Brazil to see the enormous change that only one year has brought. Once again we found ourselves surrounded by hundreds of warm, friendly and very beautiful naturists in this fascinating country. An exceptionally high quality video. 

50 mins.



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