Gonatural - Current Issue

Gonatural for Health & Wellbeing — the New Zealand naturist magazine from that magical land down under, is edited by Kay Hannam. Wonderful stories and pictures.

Gonatural - March 2013

Naturist Wedding at Wellington Naturis Club
Naked action on the Rimutakas
Skinny dip World Record Attempt

Gonatural - June 2012

The Naked Facts
World Naked Bike Ride
Nudie Foodies Sounds Adventure
Aussies Down-under with Skinnydip Tours

Gonatural - March 2012

Naturists Gather for Fairytale Circus
Nudist Folk-Devils for Moral Panic
Skin Only at The Wrinkly Rams
45 Years of Naturism in BOP

Gonatural - December 2011

4WD Naked Travel
Skinny-dip down a moonbeam
The Naturist Recreation — Ethical Scale
Bluff in the buff and back
Lazy Naturists at the Lazy Tramper

Gonatural - September 2011

Free Range Naturists
Roving Spirits in Scandinavia
Intrepid Nude Run in McLean Falls
Corisica - A Natural Paradise
Polar Plunge - 100% Raw
Nude Bech Carnival

Gonatural - June 2011


Nude Hiking • Nudie Foodies • Oranui Games • Naked Bike Ride • Mass Nude Photo Shoot.
Ann Bodkin Survives Chistchurch Eathquake.

Gonatural - March 2011

A Taste of the Bay
Gourmet Rally at Rapere
NZNF Awards
Nude News in NZ
Clothes Free Tai Chi
WNC 60th Anniversary

Gonatural - December 2010

Katikati Naturist Park
TIA Finalists 2010
Naturism Scene in Europe
INF Congress - Italy
Improvements at the Orchard
Butterfly World in the UK

Gonatural - September 2010

Nude Photography  Workshop
Naked Swim Nights
Naked Rambles in Spain
Naked Running Around in NZ

Gonatural - June 2010

World Naked Bike Ride
There's Nothing Like Australia
Golden Bay • Central Otago • Hawkers Bay
Naked at the Cidney Opera House

Gonatural - March 2010

Rolleston Rocks to the Rhythm of the Retro Rally
Naked on the Rail Trail
Review: The Naked and the Nude
Tramping Nude in New Zealand

Gonatural - December 2009


Nude Golf International Wairau Valley
Naked in Australia, Corfu, and Southwest Scotland
Naturist Holidays in the Bay of Islands
Naturism in New Zealand — The Decade Ahead

Gonatural - September 2009

Friends at L'Eglanlantiere
Nudie Foodies in Noosa
A Chance to Break Free in Rarotonga
Explore New Zealand ... Naturally
World Naked Bike Ride in Takaka
Climbing the Northern Circuit - Naked

Gonatural - June 2009


Nick Lowe, natural athlete goes coast to coast.
Close to nature on Kapiti Island.
Naked trek through Rimutaka Rail Trail.
Living naturally with disability.
Nudie Foodies Sounds Adventure.

Gonatural September 2007

Travels in Europe - Abbey House Gardens; Nude Foodies; Nude Golf at Chatto Creek.

Gonatural June-August 2007

Holiday at Taremaro Bay • Lazy Days at Alpine Lake • Massey Nude Calendar • World Tennisquoits • Karakea and Mapua • World Naked Bike Ride • Golden Tans & Golden Days • Naked as a Jaybird • Hash House Harries • Around and About • You Write • Clubs & Resorts

Gonatural March-May 2007

200th Issue: Roaring Forties RallyThe Year of the Veterans

Gonatural December-February 2006


A Snippet of History, Nudism in the North, INF-FNI Congress 2006, is Nudism Under Threat in NZ?, Free Beach Group - a History, Touring NZ - Naturally, Alpine Lakes Nude Dinner, New Naturist Park, The Big Show June 2006, You Write, Around the Clubs, Obituary Trevor B, NZ Naturist Venues.

Gonatural Sept-Oct 2006


Gonatural June-Aug 2006