Naturally #70 - Spring 2009


 • The Raven-Haired Nudist
 • Naturist Easter, Christmas & Nude Year
 • Mira Vista, Kefalonia, Hotel Estela, Grand Lido Review
 • A Short History of Naturism in Bulgaria
 • The Naked Man - review
 • WHAT’S NUDE NOW? Internaturally Supplement, Nude News, Celebs, and More


 • THE FRONT: Naturist news and clippings from the mainstream media
 • Celebs: Nude reports & pictures on famous folks.
 • Kefalonia Revisited: Charlie Simonds returns with his angels to Greece and Kefalonia’s Vassaliki Resort.
 • Look at the View: That’s English for “Mira Vista” and another look at this developing resort by Paul Laurence.
 • Easter Traditions: Reconciling Easter Bunnies and Christian Beliefs, by Janett Grady
 • Christmas Cheer and a Happy Naked Nude Year: Peter Dietrich on the making of his new video in snow-white Kiev.
 • The Raven-Haired Nudist: Once upon a midnight dreary, a raven-haired nude girl, and much more, by Ken Schwartz.
 • Hotel Estela: The Hotel of Art - A deluxe four-star hotel suits naturists in Spain, by Charles MaFarland.
 • El Zoro: One of the newest and most welcoming naturist centers for family vacations in Spain, by Theresa O’Shea.
 • Airport Family Lanes: Things got a little easier for family travelers, by Jack Meadows.
 • Grand Lido Negril: Review by Sue McGarvie and Blaik Spratt
 • Desmond Morris’s Study of the Male Body: Theresa O’Shea tackles the “The Naked Man.”
 • Our Piece of Paradise: A Short History of Naturism in Bulgaria, by Veslin Dimitrov.
 • THE REAR: Letters, news, announcements from the nudist community, Internaturally members, and a tribute to Lee Baxandall.
 • Notable Events; Mark your calendar.
 • What’s Nude Now? Internaturally Catalog Supplement N70.