Nudes in Public
Nudes In Public
This is where Synetech Video Co and others break some rules and social taboos, with attractive young people, to explore people's reaction to nude jaunts in public, only to discover that no one minds.
Also explored are more indepth analysis and the social implications of being or living nude in public.

Castles in Spain

VSD53 DVD Castles in Spain

"Dreaming of castles in Spain" is a happy expression for thinking of wonderful things. Here are three locations which are all castles in their separate ways.

Poble Naturista El Fonoll is a deluxe resort in the countryside west of Barcelona, with a row of fine buildings like a castle on a hill. We watch the members prepare and enjoy a paella meal, and we tour some of the features of the resort, like the camping area and the spring-fed swimming pool.
El Templo Del Sol has a reception building in the style of the Moorish castle of the Alhambra. This resort is located on the coast south of Barcelona and features a beautiful beach, three huge swimming pools arranged like steps, and an enormous hot tub.
Finally, Palacio Pignatelli, a real castle in the heart of Barcelona, contains a museum dedicated to the works of Salvadore Dali. Suzana and Shannon tour it in the nude and enjoy a naked walk in the streets outside.

They model for four artists of the Royal Artistic Circle, and finally Shannon dances naked tango with her friend Sarita in the beautiful Hall of Mirrors. 50 mins.

Czech Naturist Paradise I

VSD32 DVD Czech Naturist Paradise I
Part I shows a young couple enjoying naked horseback riding in a public park and a group of attractive young people enjoying a naked party at a night club.
58 mins.

Naked Celebrations

VSD13 DVD Naked Celebrations
Three girls take a naked walk up MT. Warning - a prominent peak in a rainforest national park, just inland from Byron Bay.

An organized protest on Belongil Beach with about 500 people showing up to join in the fun. Demonstrations of body percussion and chanting, music and dancing filled the day. 55 min.

Naked Day Out

VSD42 DVD - Naked Day Out
Naked Day Out begins with an excursion by Shannon, who is quite happy to go naked in public. She poses by some birch trees while cars go past, disposes of recyclables by a supermarket, and reposes awhile in a lovely forest. Finally, she goes naked by a lake and gets herself a refreshing drink in a nearby restaurant as several happy people watch.

Klara and Barbora enjoy a naked day out to a green valley, doing yoga on the way and playing games when they arrive. Petra and Katka enjoy a naked afternoon with lots of people in a pub.

For a cold day out, Klara and lovely Ivana build a fire and then get naked as the cottage warms up, to enjoy naked massage and dancing. Finally, Jenny goes out on a lovely warm day in Australia, swimming in a beautiful pool, dancing, running, and playing the day away.

Naked In-Sight

VSD39 DVD Naked In-Sight
Mark Storey produced and narrates this 47-minute documentary that addresses the the issues of going naked in public.
Interviews with Charles MacFarland, creator of Synetech videos, include many scenes of naked-in-public footage from Naked Sydney, Naked Celebrations, Naked Travels I, Decent Exposure, and Naked In Public Videos I and II. Naked In-Sight is recommended for those who need validation that the naked body, both male and female, in public venues containing men, women, and children, is both innocent and harmless. 47 mins.

Naked Sydney

VSD12 DVD Naked Sydney
Two beautiful girls enjoy walking in selected spots of Sydney...

...the Olympic City 2000, also rowing and tandem bicycling in the Royal National Park near Sydney and the Bondi Beach Nude Surfing Contest with over 30 competitors and 1000 spectators! 50 min.

Specials 4: Walk Up Mt. Warning

VSD49 DVD Specials 4: Walk Up Mt. Warning
Deya, who did several Synetech shoots, decided she would like to do something really different and dramatic. She conceived the idea of walking naked all the way up the long path to the top of Mt. Warning. She invited her friends Rose and Esperanza, who thought it was a great idea.
      This was the first naked in public Synetech shoot, and it went brilliantly. Everyone loved the girls’ nakedness, and thought it was perfectly appropriate for the natural rainforest slopes. Since it was a hot day, it was also suitable to the weather, and left the clothed people admiring.
      The walk took place on December 2, 1996, and that day remains a warm and happy memory to me, one of the best of all the Synetech shoots. 81 mins.

Specials 6: Klara & Monika at the Nightclub

VSD51 DVD Specials 6: Klara & Monika at the Nightclub
The forces of oppression in our society try to pretend that the human body is offensive and thus must be concealed from public view. Unjust laws are in place to reinforce this view.
      On the contrary, most people love to see naked bodies and flock to events involving nakedness. Synetech stages small naked events to demonstrate this truth. One way to do this is to have people go naked in the presence of lots of people, for example at nightclubs.
      This DVD shows Klara and Monika enjoying such a naked experience. They took off all their clothes in a large crowded nightclub, and immediately several guys invited them to dance. When they went into another room where people were sitting, Monika made a hit with
the people at one table, and one guy even came in while she was relaxing and invited her to come out and join them. Then the girls played pool and darts in the busy room with its crowded bar.
      The joys of the naturist lifestyle are no longer restricted to isolated resorts, beaches, and clubs. As long as you can avoid police oppression, you can go naked anywhere in our modern world, and the vast majority of people will admire you for it. 65 mins.

Walking Proud

VSD52 DVD Walking Proud

The law in our society asserts that the naked body is offensive. This video shows how wrong the law can be. Suzana visits a delicatessen in Barcelona just like any other customer, except that she is completely naked. She chats with the staff and serves some customers, then walks happily naked outside.
Shannon takes off her clothes in the same delicatessen, chats with the customers and poses for photos, and walks a long ways outside. Enjoying the attention, she walks further and further along more and more crowded streets.

She walks naked into a clothes shop and tries on several dresses, enjoying the fact that she doesn't need to squirm around in a stuffy changing cubicle. She buys a dress, but puts it in a bag and walks out naked.
Happy to expose herself more and more freely, she walks all the way around a city block past two crowded squares, and even stops to buy a bottle of water and leisurely drinks it, reveling in the fact that crowds of people are looking at her. During all this time, lots of people take her photo, and she happily poses with anyone who wants. Everyone loves to see her naked body, and no one is offended by it. 58 mins.