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Attractive nude men engage in various activities: nude yoga, nude exercise, nude  wrestling, nude modeling, and nude entertaining.

Art of Touch I

VPD1001 DVD Art of Touch I
A guide to giving a sensual male massage. Models provide step-by-step instruction & detailed movements that give the ultimate full body massage.
A must-have for anyone who likes to be touched or wants to learn the correct massage techniques. 50 mins.

Big Balls

VFD12 DVD Big Balls
Exercise Video
Big Balls shows you a Fitness Ball Workout as you have never seen before! A fun and innovative way to freshen up your training program. Because the ball constantly challenges your balance, you have to work your deep, core muscles to remain steady.
This fully instructional DVD includes: two separate workouts, behind the scenes footage and out-takes. 71 mins.  

DaVinci II - Lower Body

VPD1022 DVD DaVinci II - Lower Body
A completely nude workout for the lower body! Athletes demonstrate over 20 different exercises they use to chisel their remarkable bodies. A visually captivating journey through a detailed biceps routine, a rigorous abdominal workout, and complete back, buttocks, legs, and lateral regimens.
All are presented in an intriguing way to help you see and learn those sought after tips on how to acquire a perfect body.
50 mins. 

Dieux Du Stade: Making of the 2005 Calendar

VPD2005 DVD Dieux Du Stade
We are pleased to present you with the Making of the 2005 calendar!
Filmed at well known Parisian locations, “The Monitor” Swimming Pool, “The Carnavalet” Museum, and the famous holiday destination “Cap Ferret.”
You do not want to miss the full-color version of France's hottest Rugby Players filmed in the nude! (Running time: 1 hour, 40 minutes).

Dieux Du Stade: Making of the 2007 Calendar – Vol. 4

VPD2007 DVD Dieux Du Stade
Sensual and stylish footage filled with astonishingly gorgeous European men will blow your mind. This program features the French Rugby champions of the “Stade Francais” Paris, and their guests filmed in the nude. 90 mins.

Dieux Du Stade: The Making of the 2004 Calendar

VPD2004 DVD Dieux Du Stade

This French film features almost two full hours of 46 muscular, athletic rugby champions photographed in the nude by Francois Rousseau. Although this movie claims to be a “documentary” of the 2004 nude rugby team calendar, it is best described, and enjoyed, as a series of music videos.

Since music is the universal language, it is entirely unimportant that French is the primary language spoken in this DVD. The combination of handsome men, provocative good looks and their suave brief conversations mixed with the music, fool you that the entire DVD is in B&W making this a virtual living art book! 1 hour, 40 mins.


VPD3020 DVD Exhibition
This collection of five videos featuring the music of Second Culture combines male sensuality with a stylish format to bring you a feast for your senses! The audiovisual journey includes:
Cyber: A trip through a cyber psychedelic mindscape fusing man, music and technology. Challenge: Sculpted nude wrestlers portray the mythological gods of strength. Clearing: A surreal underwater journey of man in motion. Ritual: Man’s desire to reconnect with the soul. Sculpted Landscapes: A union of man with nature. 50 minutes. 

GYMNASTIKOS Power and Grace

VPD2011 DVD GYMNASTIKOS Power and Grace
For centuries, millions of people around the world have watched in awe as gymnasts perform their athletic feats with amazing strength and elegance. Now you can experience these remarkable performances first hand, presented as an artful study of male motion and fluidity. You will see common laws of physics bend to determination and skill.
Classically presented, this video production focuses on the human form clothed and nude and the eloquence of skills hewn over years of patience and practice by five magnificent Eastern European, world-ranked competitive athletes. Against a backdrop of magic and mystery, Power and Grace is an inspiring gymnastic experience of sheer will, intensity and graceful beauty. 

Men in Motion

VPD4115 DVD Men in Motion
This documentary follows a day in the life of athletes who allow photographer Tom Bianchi to capture the hard work of their training.
If you have ever thought about being a nude model, after watching this, you will know what goes into producing artistic nude photos of athletic male bodies. *(Clothed Documentary precedes nude photo shoot for each athlete). 55 mins. Also see Bianchi Outpost (PH10H).

Naked Boys Singing!

VFD03 DVD Naked Boys Singing!

"Excellent! Campy and coy, smirky and serious...
with playful wit and unabashed explicitness." -- New York Times

"Cute, sweet... touching. Naked Boys Singing! delivers what it promises!" -- TV Guide

Invite ten attractive, talented and intelligent naked men into your living room with this filmed adaptation of the hilarious and risque Off-Broadway play "Nake Boys Singing!" This long-running musical revue sparkles with seventeen memorable tunes and vibrant dance numbers that you'll enjoy over and over again. You'll get a charge from "Gratuitous Nudity," "Perky Little Porn Star" and "The Naked Maid," all performed entirely in the nude. From the producers of Latter Days and Adam & Steve, this electrifying performance brims with excitement, fervor and sexy boys you won't forget.

No Comparison

VPD2017 DVD No Comparison
Go behind the scenes of the photo book No Ka ‘Oi – Hawaiian phrase for “No Comparison.” Enter the secluded world of lush Hawaiian landscapes where these six exquisite models shot the striking photos for the book.
Watch the men lose their inhibitions and forget the ever present camera as they play as boys across the exotic jungle waters, on the rich sand beaches, in the thunderous crashing waves and on top of dark black lava fields.

Nude Partner Stretch - DaVinci Partner Series

VPD4109 DVD Nude Partner Stretch - DaVinci Partner Series
Nude Partner Stretch takes the DaVinci series in a whole new direction with this instructional video for couples. Three handsome couples demonstrate a series of sensual stretching techniques designed for pairs, in the nude. 60 mins.

Nude Stretch

VPD1025 DVD Nude Stretch
Sexy models demonstrate stretching techniques in the nude.
Improve your body, heart, mind and soul with a solid stretching regimen. Seven hot athletic men demonstrate a series of stretching routines in the nude, concentrating on the upper body, lower body and abdominal.
Help prevent injuries, increase your range of motion, decrease muscle tension and prevent tightness and cramps with this thorough guide. Included is a segment focusing on internal exercise with Eastern exercise methods used to prepare one’s mind, body and soul for all aspects of life. These bonus techniques will improve coordination, focus, efficiency of muscle use, breathing and reduce stress while improving the overall awareness of the body. 

Pilates Secrets

VFD10 DVD Pilates Secrets
The Pilates method is a form of isometric exercises practiced to stretch, strengthen and strain the joints. Pilates Secrets offers step-by-step instructions for 32 mat exercises with two awe-inspiring young men in the nude.
This program incorporates floor techniques that are taught as part of every Pilates mat class to help you improve your posture, and tone, and tighten your mid-section. 50 mins.

The Art of Touch 2: A Taoist Erotic Massage

VPD1002 DVD The Art of Touch 2
Elevate your massage skills to the next level with a Taoist Erotic massage! A cast of six international models demonstrates the secret methods of channeling sexual energy and enhancing the intimacy between you and your partner.
Shot in a revolutionary 3-D technique to enhance the learning process (glasses included, though not necessary – this breathtaking experience is viewed just as well in two dimensions!), this video will show you exactly how to unlock sensual ecstasy! 55 mins.

The Art of Touch 3: The Sport Massage

VPD1003 DVD The Art of Touch 3
Muscles that work out need different relaxation. The Sports Massage gives you and your partner the tools you need to fully relax active muscles as well as build a unifying and intimate experience between each other.
Specifically designed for an athletic lifestyle, eight buffed and sculpted men guide you through each step of this program. 55 mins. 

Yoga Secrets

VFD11 DVD Yoga Secrets
Thousands of years ago in India, Yoga was created to develop the body, mind, and spirit. Even if you know nothing about Yoga, you will appreciate the awe-inspiring yoga movements of these nude young men. 1 hour & 30 mins.