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H&E Naturist is the only monthly naturist magazine in the world, brought to you by New Freedom in the United Kingdom. Enjoy wonderful articles and stories about the naturist lifestyle around the world. Full color glossy magazine format.


H&E Naturist 12.2 - March 2012

All-off in Africa: First Look at a Brand New Nude Resort
Don't Look Down: Dare You Try Rock Climbing In The Buff?
USA & Caribbean  Special: Reports on Sizzling Resorts from California to Antigua... and more.

H&E Naturist 12.2 February 2012

MH12.2 February 2012

Kafka the Nudist?: Another Side to the German Writer
A Feast for the Senses: Cap d'Agde Restaurant that's as Diverse as the Resort Itself.
Spain Special: The Nearest Thing to Nude SCUBA; Going Naked in Ibiza; The Perfect Naturist Introduction

H&E Naturist 12.1 January 2012

MH12.1 January 2012
Redefining Cap d'Agde: A Fresh Look at the World's Biggest Nude Resort
Munich Mission: Are the Germans Leading the Way in Public Nudity?
Naked Fashions: How Naturists are Keeping Up wih the Trends

H&E Naturist 11.12 December 2011

Greece Special: The Best Nude Beaches, Resorts, and Islands
The Naked Horse-Whisperer
Feelgood Film: Act Naturally Preview

H&E Naturist 11.11 November 2011

Canary Island Special: Where to seek out some winter sun.
Contours and Curves: An alternative take on photography.
Naked Dreams: Do you have them?

H&E Naturist 11.10 October 2011

USA & Caribbean Special: featuring a road trip with a difference.
Naked Heroes of Mythology: Forget Lady Godiva, she was forced to strip.
Fake oro Bake? The lowdown on self-tanning.

H&E Naturist 11.9 September 2011


10 Years and Counting... Merryhill celebrates a decade of music
Gone with the Wind: A trip to Spain's breeziest beaches
Portugal Special: Is this the world's most naked-friendly country?

H&E Naturist 11.7 July 2011

Summer Spectacular: beaches, butterflies, and top resorts
Neighbor from Hell: One couple's nightmare ordeal
The Naked Nymph: The life of the art nude morel

H&E Naturist 11.6 June 2011

Europe Special: from Croatia to the Canaries
Singled Out? The "lone  male" controversy
21 Years Young... Naturally: Parafotos celebrates a special anniversary

H&E Naturist 11.5 May 2011


Barefoot Benefits: Free your feet... and your mind will follow.
Improving... in Albufeira
Why we should do mor than tolerate.

H&E Naturist 11.4 - April 2011


UK Special: The best of British
On The Road Again: The life of the naked motorhomer!
Nude Odes: The poetry of clothes-free living.

H&E Naturist 11.3 - March 2011


USA & Caribbean: More hot holiday ideas
Messing about in boats: nude life on the ocean waves
How to feel good naked: Love the skin you're in

H&E Naturist - February 2011


Spain Special: More great holiday ideas...just a short flight away!
The Calendar Girls phenomenon
Wunder-bare! Nude in the Alps
...and much more!

H&E Naturist - January 2011

France Special: In defence of Cap d'Agde
Back to the drawing board: How joining club transformed cartoonist's life
Walking in a Naked Wonderland

H&E Naturist - December 2010

Greece Special: New resorts and old favorites
Skin: 20 things you never knew
Lorraine: Look back  at an  H&E faforite

H&E Naturist - November 2010


Naked Yoga: Transform mind, body and spirit.
Winter Warmers: Ways to Stay Nude.
Access Denied: Problems faced by disabled naturists.
The Land of My Birth: Mike Gould extols his native England.
and much more.

H&E Naturist - October 2010

Free Range Naturism: Going off the Beaten Track.
Naked Among the Butterflies.
USA & Caribbean Special

H&E Naturist - September 2010

Portugal Special: Newcomers and expats tell of their experiences.
Planning a naturist resort: Avoid the pitfalls - whatever your budget.
Festival Fun: Round-up of some of this year's top naked events.

H&E Naturist - August 2010

UK SPECIAL: More news from top clubs, plus essential beach maps.
Row over "sexy clothing:" is naturism the answer?
World Naked Bike Ride: Reports from Around the Globe.

H&E Naturist - July 2010

The Sunshine of Our Lives: Is Summer Here At Last?
South Africa: An Idyllic Hideaway
Yikes! I think I'm a Naturist! A First-Time Experience