Sensual Massage Made Simple - The Film

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Sensual Massage Made Simple

VGD07 DVD Sensual Massage Made Simple

If Gordon Inkeles’ best-selling books were appetizers, this film is a banquet, a sensual feast. It takes you step-by-step through a complete body massage lasting an hour or more. And you can start tonight. All of the techniques in this film are easy-to-learn. To the executive massage offers a quick energy boost and a natural way to unwind. To the athlete it offers sensational muscle recovery rates, to the insomniac it brings peace. And to the lover, a new way of touching.

Beautiful sets and elegant jazz add to the film’s intimate tone. Watching it, you almost feel like you are getting a sensual massage.

Sensual Massage Made Simple

MG07S Sensual Massage Made Simple
Learn to give pleasure with your hands.
This new book combines the highest quality photography of any massage book on the market with an absolutely unforgettable massage experience. All the techniques work as promised; every page focuses on pleasure and relaxation. SENSUAL MASSAGE MADE SIMPLE is a sensual feast.
      It’s a groundbreaking massage book: easy-to-use, with proven techniques that are sensual, and fun. Makes an irresistible romantic gift. Softcover.

Massage for a Peaceful Pregnancy

MG06S Massage for a Peaceful Pregnancy
 Revolutionary massage book provides a positive role for expectant fathers!

This book presents an easy-to-learn program of massage techniques to guide expectant parents every step of the way during pregnancy-from the first month through full recovery. Massage provides a positive, hands-on role for the expectant father, involving him in the birth of his child on a day-to-day basis. The step-by-step program of peace and relaxation is ideal for birthing centers, where it will create a lasting bond between parents. Powerful techniques for relaxation and stress control are featured on every page. Everything works as promised. The promise to readers: you will be massaging ten minutes after you bring this book home.

Super Massage

MG04S Softcover - Super Massage
Gordon Inkeles delivers instant results —
anywhere and anytime — with easy-to-learn sequences that provide: relief from headaches, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, nervous tension, insomnia, after-exercise conditioning, and erotic massage. 165 pages; 8½" x 11".

The Art of Sensual Massage

MG02S Softcover - The Art of Sensual Massage
The world’s most popular massage book! Originally printed in 1972, this book has been revised and updated in 2000.
Employing easy-to-learn techniques and  award-winning photography, this book has the reader massaging in a single evening. More than 200 photographs and illustrations, hints on oils, scents, and technique. 161 pages. 7” x 10”.

The New Massage

MG01H Hardcover - The New Massage
Gordon Inkeles's Total Body Conditioning for People who Exercise Representing the result of ten yearsâ experience and study, The New Massage offers the most comprehensive full-body massage available today.
In addition to the book's special section on massage as a drugless therapy, which demonstrates how massage can be used to treat such ailments as back pain, nervous tension, and headaches, The New Massage breaks new ground by addressing the question: Must exercise be followed by soreness and fatigue? The revolutionary techniques in The New Massage are the missing ingredient in modern exercise programs. Whether you jog, play tennis, dance or climb mountains, you will find techniques geared to your special needs. A collectors book that sells for as much as $20.00 elsewhere. Through special arrangement, each hardbound copy is hand signed by the author.

The New Sensual Massage

MB01S Softcover - The New Sensual Massage
Over two million people discovered the joy of easy relaxation and sensuality in The Art of Sensual Massage and The New Massage. In this recent work, Gordon Inkeles, author of the books that started the massage revolution, offers the ultimate massage experience.
If his previous books were appetizers, introductions to the pleasures of massage, this work is meant to be a banquet, a sensual feast. After 20 years of study and reflection, Inkeles has selected the massage strokes that everyone loves. Every page of The New Sensual Massage is filled with the most delicious sensual pleasures. Written in a reassuring and intimate tone, lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed, this essential guide will have you massaging in a single evening.