Suzes Naked Summer

British filmmaker Charlie Simonds and his naturist team of beautiful young ladies take you on a buff tour of some of Europe's finest naturist vacation destinations in this extensive Parafotos naturist DVD collection. Sit back and enjoy as several beautiful young ladies guide you through many new and popular naturist parks, resorts, and beaches across the seas. These videos are great primers for the naturist traveler.

Suze's Naked Summer

VPD49 DVD Suze's Naked Summer
In this enchanting film we join Suze, a newcomer to naturism as she enjoys a carefree naked summer discovering Rivendell, Abbey House Gardens, Butterfly World, numerous naturist beaches, and the beautiful French naturist resort of Arnaoutchot. 55 mins.

Figleaf Villas - Naturally

VPD48 DVD Figleaf Villas - Naturally
Figleaf Villas constitute a fabulous naturist facility in the beautiful Peloponnese area of Greece. It was here that the Parafotos team of Charlotte, Joss, Sam, and Lucy were warmly welcomed and looked after by the owners, Cliff and  Quee, enjoying a magic holiday of sun-kissed naturist beaches, historic antiquities, and naked sailing in local waters on Rendezvous, the lovely  43’ sailboat. 55 mins.                   

The Algarve Revisited

VPD47 DVD The Algarve Revisited
In this film, Charlie, Sam, Mary Louise & Lucy fly to the sun-kissed Algarve region of Portugal and, with Bruce & Eva as their guides, visit four very different and wonderfully welcoming naturist facilities, in addition to discovering some fabulous naturist beaches.

Home & Away - Naturally

VPD46 DVD Home & Away - Naturally
In this film Parafotos team of Charlie,  Alice,  Joss and Sam discover naturist opportunities at Bolding way,  Norfolk,  Pevors farm,  Essex and Skinny dippers in Mallorca,  including visiting naturist beaches both at home and away.

SW England ~ Naturally

VPD45 DVD SW England ~ Naturally

In this film the Parafotos team of Charlie, Alice, Joss, and Sam discover naturist opportunities in Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall while being based at Rivendell, Acorns, and Southleigh Manor. Apart from visiting seven different naturist beaches, the Lost Gardens of Heligan and a naturist paradise on the upper reaches of the River Dart are also on the agenda. 55 mins.

Alice, Joss & Sam ~ Naturally

VPD44 DVD Alice, Joss & Sam

This film is a tribute to three remarkable ladies who, over the last six years, have proved themselves to be sparkling ambassadors for naturism having enthusiastically starred in eighteen Parafotos films between them. 55 mins.

Unwind - Naturally

VPD43 DVD Unwind - Naturally

Alice, assisted by Joceline and Sam, introduces this pot-pourri of naturism, which includes a visit to the relatively new naturist facility of Acorns in Devon, discover a naturist camper wagon hire service, enjoy two lovely naturist beaches, and much more.  55 mins.

Kefalonia Revisited ~ Naturally

VPD42 DVD - Kefalonia Revisited ~ Naturally
The Parafotos Team of Sam, Faye, and Grace enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and power boating, all naturally, while staying at the fabulous Vassaliki Naturist Club on Kafalonia. 55 mins.

Fuerteventura - Naturally

VPD41 DVD Fuerteventura - Naturally
Fuerteventura is well known for its acceptance of the naturist lifestyle, and this is exemplified by its promotion at the two very different resorts of Occidental Grand and Monte Marina, located in the south of this sun-kissed island. In this film, Charlie, Sam, Jocceline, and Charlotte experience what they have to offer. 60 mins.

Kefalonia Naturally - Vassaliki

VPD40 DVD Kefalonia Naturally - Vassaliki

The beautiful island of Kefalonia provides opportunities for naturism, hosting wonderful beaches and the fabulous resort of Vassaliki. Guided by Vassaliki Naturist Club owners, Mark and Sam, the Parafotos' team of Joceline, Sam and Faye discover all the naturist hot spots on the beautiful Ionian island of Kefalonia.

Running time: 55 mins.

France 4 Naturism

VPD39 DVD France 4 Naturism
In this film, Sam, Joceline and her mother Susan, discover and enjoy the very different France 4 Naturisme resorts of Domaine de la Sablière in the Ardeche and Cap Nature in the Vendée.
Running time: 55 mins.

Discover Massage - Naturally

VPD38 DVD Discover Massage - Naturally
Joceline and Sam experience the benefits of naturist massage, and then Julie, as skilled practioner, teaches them how to do it for themselves. 55 mins.

More Spain - Naturally

VPD37 DVD More Spain - Naturally
Charlie, Joss, Sam and Theresa return to Spain to discover additional facilities at the popular resort of El Portus before investigating the luxurious naturist B&B - Casa Natura.

Running time: 55 mins.

Presenting Naturism - Naturally

VPD36 DVD Presenting Naturism - Naturally
Enjoy a pot pourri of naturism as, between them, Joceline and Sam experience Airkix, the skydiving wind tunnel in Milton Keynes, plus...
an RV trip across Arizona, Utah, and California; a fake tan facility in the New Forest, and the beautiful Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury. Approx. 55 mins.

We Love Arna - Naturally

VPD35 DVD We Love Arna - Naturally
Charlie's first two films were made in 1990 at Arnaoutchot on the French Atlantic Coast.
 In this film he returns, this time with Joceline, Sam, and Kaz, to see how this beautiful naturist resort has changed — if at all. 55 mins.

The Algarve - Naturally

VPD34 DVD The Algarve - Naturally
In this film, Parafotos' 50th film about naturism, Charlie, Joceline, Sam, Theresa, and Kat discover a variety of different naturist opportunities in Portugal's lovely Algarve region,
whilst based at the two intimate naturist facilities of David and Frances' Quinta da Horta, and Bruce and Eva's Quinta da Vista. 55 mins.

Catalunya - Naturally

VPD33 DVD Catalunya - Naturally
Catalunya is a beautiful region in the NE of Spain where naturism is booming.
In this film, Charlie, Joceline, Theresa and Sam discover the unique back-to-nature naturist village of El Fonoll; Mar Bella, Barcelona's own naturist beach; and the magnificent naturist resort of El Templo del Sol. 55 mins.

Alice's Naked Summer II

VPD32 DVD Alice's Naked Summer II
Join Alice as she continues to enjoy, amongst other things, the delightful members' club of Aztecs in Sussex and the intimate new naturist facility of Magnolias Natura in Gran Canaria, and making new naturist friends along the way.

Alice's Naked Summer

VPD31 DVD Alice's Naked Summer
In this film we join Alice as she meets committed naturists, newcomers to naturism, and discovers a kaleidoscope of naturist opportunities including Pevors Farm and the Merryhill Music Festival.

Costa Del Sol - Naturally

VPD30 DVD Costa Del Sol - Naturally
In this film Charlie, Alice, Joceline, Theresa O'Shea (Travel Naturally author) & Guengo investigate four very different naturist facilities on Spain's Costa del Sol. Finca Los Etera, Casablanca Viellent accommodation and magnificent beach to its sports facilities and unique Thalassotherapy Center. Approx. 55 mins.