Specials 7: Naturist Freedom

Synetech Naturist Videos have a wide range of content. Beautiful young nudists demonstrate various forms of nude dance, nude yoga, and nude public strolls. Nudist families at camps and resorts in France, the USA and Australia are also emphasized.


The Gathering Spirit

VSD01 DVD The Gathering Spirit
There are gatherings of pagan groups, environmental groups, Rainbow people, and alternative lifestyle celebrations of many kinds.

Because of intolerence, these gatherings are kept relatively secret -- advertised only by word of mouth. Thus many people who would be interested in these counterculture gatherings are unaware of their existence. To remedy this situation, Synetech Video Company has released The Gathering Spirit; it tells about this fascinating and expanding movement.

50 min.

Naked Dance I

VSD03 DVD Naked Dance I
A video of naked dance celebrating the beauty of the Earth, which includes several dances filmed in the rain forest, the great plains, the beach, and the splendor of lush green fields.
49 min.

Naked Dance II

VSD03-II DVD Naked Dance II
This video begins with fantasies of a young woman searching for a fallen angel, a young man chasing his romantic ideal, and two young women enjoying a chase and dance at their home.

Then there are three women doing a dance party, a montage of many different dancers to a beautiful tune, and finally a professional naked belly dancer.

50 min.

Naturist France Deluxe Video Series: I. La Sabliere

VSD04 DVD Naturist France Deluxe Video Series: I. La Sabliere
Share in the wonderful variety of family activities that make French naturism the envy of the world!

Beautiful resort in unspoiled river valley -- sports, activities, kids petting zoo, underwater ballet, naked excursions to springs, caves, and medieval castle.

55 min.

Naturist France Deluxe Video Series: II. Laborde

VSD05 DVD Naturist France Deluxe Video Series: II. Laborde
Four-star resort, popular with young families -- naked sports, kids pool disco, teenagers fancy diving, naked youth carnival.
55 min.

Naturist France Deluxe Video Series: III. Belezy

VSD06 DVD Naturist France Deluxe Video Series: III. Belezy
Elegant Provence resort with huge pool, hydrotherapy center, sports, activities, pool-side massage.

55 min.

Naturist France Deluxe IV: Return to La Sabliere (First Half)

VSD07 DVD Naturist France Deluxe IV: Return to La Sabliere (First Half)
This video kicks off with shots of a French family taking you through the grounds, visiting workshops in silk painting pottery, gold panning (popular with young naturists), sports of archery, tennis, and "easy gym."

Thereâs an interview with Gaelle, a 15-year-old who has been a naturist all her life, and a day at the river with three English naturists and their friend Marijke and her two daughters. Another family walks the Blue Trail, and there is an underwater ballet with Laurianne, a keen naturist of 12, her brother Thomas and other young performers.

55 min.

Naturist France Deluxe V: Return to La Sabliere (Second Half)

VSD08 DVD Naturist France Deluxe V: Return to La Sabliere (Second Half)

This video starts with a salute to the River Ceze and the naturist youths who are jumping and diving into the river and building a channel dam.

Also working on the channel dam and rafting through it are Roger and his young daughter and sons. Gaelle, from the First Half, is back with three other teenage friends diving in the pool, and thereâs a separate section of three Belgian youngsters showing off their diving prowess. The video also visits activities in bookbinding, massage, stretching, aqua-gym, and a spontaneous frisbee toss. Finally there is more underwater ballet with some beautiful shots of two performers, Cecil and Karen, swimming together. 

55 min.

Naturist France Deluxe VI: Domaine Le Clols.

VSD09 DVD Naturist France Deluxe VI: Domaine Le Clols.
A beautiful small resort in the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France, where kids enjoy paper marbling, playing in the pool, and acrobatics, while parents do archery and massage, and everyone enjoys folk dancing and family camping.

38 min., plus 30 bonus footage.


"Well chosen vignettes that showcase a fine video series"Naturally Magazine.

Featuring 3-4 minutes from the first 13 Synetech titles, plus extra footage on the "Naturist France Deluxe" video series! 58 min.

Naked Sydney

VSD12 DVD Naked Sydney
Two beautiful girls enjoy walking in selected spots of Sydney...

...the Olympic City 2000, also rowing and tandem bicycling in the Royal National Park near Sydney and the Bondi Beach Nude Surfing Contest with over 30 competitors and 1000 spectators! 50 min.

Naked Celebrations

VSD13 DVD Naked Celebrations
Three girls take a naked walk up MT. Warning - a prominent peak in a rainforest national park, just inland from Byron Bay.

An organized protest on Belongil Beach with about 500 people showing up to join in the fun. Demonstrations of body percussion and chanting, music and dancing filled the day. 55 min.

Naturist France Deluxe VII: Roshelle In France

VSD14 Naturist France Deluxe VII: Roshelle In France
Roshelle savors the joys of French naturism: swimming, sunning, archery, exploring the castle and caves with two families, workshops in yoga, massage, and photography, and much more.

57 min.

Naturist France Deluxe VIII: La Petite Brenne

VSD15 DVD Naturist France Deluxe VIII: La Petite Brenne
Brand-new resort, with banquets, historic buildings, horseback riding, games, showers, pools, family walk in woods, trampolines, and playground.

Beauty of the Nude and Goddess of the Earth Combination Video

VSD19-II DVD Beauty of the Nude and Goddess of the Earth Combination Video
The Beauty of the Nude- In the New Age tradition The Beauty of the Nude is a treat, a celebration in poetry and dance, performed by talented people in natural outdoor splendor.
Goddess of the Earth- A creative look at the Rainbow Gathering and its free-spirited adherents. Get a sense of what it’s like to be in an environment where no one judges, enforces rules, or objects to individualistic behavior. Total freedom is the rule.  60 mins.

Summer's Garden

VSD20 DVD Summer's Garden
The world is an unbounded garden for those who have the courage to live free.
Produced and directed by New Age film maker Charles MacFarland, Summer's Garden has that special magic — free-spirited in nature — that New Age adherents have long enjoyed. 40 min.

Naked Paradise

VSD21 DVD Naked Paradise
Synetech's specialty: naked stories and dances emphasizing our world as natural paradise.
48 min.

Magical Nudes

VSD24 DVD Magical Nudes
The burden of daily pressures is lifted after discovering a jewel with magic properties.
The prismatic gem lets those who are touched by it experience total naturist freedom. "Magical Nudes" was shot entirely in Australia. 40 min.

Nude Beaches of Australia

VSD25 DVD Nude Beaches of Australia
This video begins with a visit to Kings Beach by three young people, followed by a sports carnival at Samurai Beach.
They see a naked wedding at Cobblers Beach in Sydney, and finally the uninhibited and joyous people of Byron Bay demonstrate once again for naked freedom at Belongil Beach. 57 min.

Surrender to the Sun I

VSD30 DVD Surrender to the Sun I
We begin with a 35-minute documentary on Paradise Lakes, one of America’s largest and most deluxe naturist resorts.
Then the video takes us to the magnificent Greek island of Santorini, where Uti enjoys two great naturist beaches and also visits towns, tavernas, and historic
attractions. 53 mins.