Bouncing Back To Balmy Summer

VBD67 DVD Bouncing Back ToBouncing Back To Balmy Summer
Set on the river bank close to the nude beach, our friends explore this pinewood dacha and instigate a fun-filled picnic-party as only Ukrainian naturists know how, with no holds barred, as always. Produced by Peter Dietrich. 60 mins.

When The Clothes Come Off The Games Go On!

VBD68 DVD When The Clothes Come Off The Games Go On!
Whatever it is you seek, you are sure to find it in the Crimea, as our group of naturist families find their joy in being together and exploring new facets of holidaymaking. All age groups join in the fun and laughter of being free in the beauty of nature, and prove again that when the clothes come off, the games do go on! Produced by Peter Dietrich. 60 mins.

Dare to Be Bare

VBD69 DVD Dare to Be Bare

Ukrainian Naturist Organization celebrate World Naturist Day 2007. Around 30 of us set off in a caravan of minibuses and cars on the short journey to what is known locally as the Kiev Sea – a vast lake created by the large dam just outside Kiev, and set in a fabulous silver birch tree forest still untouched by human hands.

The planned picnic lunch was quickly set up, with tasty sausages sizzling on sticks over the fire, and a hearty toast or two heralded this International event, although we felt ourselves to be far away from the world in this forest where the white trunks of the tall trees provided the backdrop to some great photos and film sequences.  

A “ballet” of letters spelled out the great message of our trip and our homage to World Naturist Day: WILL YOU DARE TO BE BARE?
Well, we did dare and so we were, and a fantastic time was had by one and all. A new landscape, some new friends, some new games and ideas, and a new film to preserve the memories we all take away with us from the silence and the noisy awe of the silver birch tree forest. Produced by Peter Dietrich. 60 mins.

Don't Worry, Be Naked

VBD70 DVD Don't Worry, Be Naked

There's nothing like some ripe watermelons on a warm Summer's day. Enjoy a day at sea and along the idyllic sands of Europe's most beautiful nude beach in this nudist DVD. Produced by Peter Dietrich. 60 mins.

Summertime Family Talent Show

VBD71 DVD Summertime Family Talent Show
Nudists gather on a beautiful summer day to celebrate their talents. The audience is entertained by singing, dancing, body painting and other talents. Produced by Peter Dietrich. 60 mins.

Welcome To Our Naked World

VBD74 DVD Welcome To Our Naked World
Several Naturist families gather for a day at the beach. Even some local bulls stroll along the beach with the nudists -- friendly bulls who seem to appreciate the nude lifestyle as well!(Running Time: 60 minutes). Produced by Peter Dietrich.

Naked Shoot Out

VBD79 DVD - Naked Shoot Out

Look out! These nudists are armed and dangerous! Young naturists try their hand at shooting real rifles and bows and arrows on the beach. Don't worry, no one gets hurt. They also have more miscellaneous wacky fun. 60 mins. Produced by Peter Dietrich.

Walking Hand in Hand

VBD81 DVD Walking Hand in Hand
The kids march through the nude beach with RussianBare flags drumming up enthusiasm. Families enjoy the healing properties of the mud there by painting each other in the famous black mud. Some of the girls bury each other in sand and everyone enjoys a beautiful day. Produced by Peter Dietrich. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

Where the Wind and the Waves Blow Wild

VBD82 DVD Where the Wind and the Waves Blow Wild
Naked water gun fights, sea cave exploring, rock climbing, and other beachside adventures make this a fun and spirited nudist video. Produced by Peter Dietrich. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

International Naturist Dance Show

VBD83 DVD International Naturist Dance Show
Body Painting, Costumes and a Dancing Competition on the beach. A beautiful event with fun festive talent! Produced by Peter Dietrich. (Running Time: 60 minutes)