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Theses early, campy nudist films from the ’50s and ’60s probably gave your mother and father their first look at nudist camps and nudist believes of the day. We enjoyed watching them for their genuine approach to the “taboo” topic of nudity in movies. Do not expect the glitz you’ve come to expect in typical Hollywood films! Many of these films were actually approved by the American Sunbathing Association (ASA), the national nudist organization of the time. All four movies are a must for anyone who: collects nudist films, has read the history of nudist films in Cinema au Naturel or is just an aficionado of old movies.

Naked as Nature Intended

VHD12 DVD Naked as Nature Intended
A nostalgic look back at an early nudist film, now distributed by Internaturally, and available for the first time in DVD.
City girls Petrina, Pamela, and Jacky hire a car to explore some of Britains’s most beautiful contryside in Devon and Cornwall. Already enjoying their freedom from the routine of everyday life, they stumble upon committed nudists, Bridget and Angela – and that’s when the holiday and the run really start! Running time approx 60 mins.

Once We Were Naked

VHD11 DVD Once We Were Naked
Follow the call of the wild in this 1985 film by and with Beau Brummel, charismatic pop star of the ’60s, plus stunning photography and thought-provoking ideas.
Naturists roam free and nude among giraffe, zebra, and walk casually among full-grown African cheetahs. You’ll see the once great 1000-acre naturist resort Beau Valley and its legendary parties. Then, in complete contrast, the film takes you to Cap d’Agde, the naturist city of forty thousand nude vacationers, and the World Naturist Congress at Costa Natura. A dated, but definitely memorable experience. 60 mins.

Diary of a Nudist & The Naked Venus

VGD04 DVD Diary of a Nudist & The Naked Venus


Diary of a Nudist (1961) is a color film about a female newspaper reporter whose editor sends her on an assignment to “uncover” the shocking goings-on at a nudist camp. There’s a certain innocent charm about the whole thing, which makes it fun to watch while listening to an instrumental version of "You’re My Thrill.”
The Naked Venus (1958) presents a drama that is very heart-touching to nudists today. Can a nudist parent lose their child in divorce proceedings because they are a nudist? Is nudity immoral?

Blaze Starr Goes Nudist

VGD05 DVD Blaze Starr Goes Nudist
(1963) is about a famous stripper (Blaze Starr) tired of the pressure and the grind of Hollywood, the endless nightclub appearances and especially her greasy agent. After seeing a nudist camp film, she is captivated by the lifestyle and visits a local sun worshipper resort.

Nude On The Moon

VGD06 DVD Nude On The Moon
(1960) filmed “in beautiful Eastman color” historically introduced simple nudity to the public in the form of a science fiction movie.