American Nudist

Unusual nude art and activities, single productions, documentaries, naked people in public, all with a positive clothes-free emphasis.

American Nudist

Taylor (T.L. Young) is a photographer, screenwriter and former nudist who longs for the carefree, clothes-free days when he ran a nudist bed-and-breakfast with his girlfriend Angela (Alicia Arden). Feeling uninspired while mourning the good old days, his life changes when he meets his new muse, the alluring Jennifer (Magda Marcella).
An "artsy" video about a would-be naturist film director, photographer, designed to show the thought process of a film maker and  his models.

Naked in the 21st Century

Nudity in the movies has been banned and slowly reemerged, ultimately becoming commonplace. NAKED IN THE 21ST CENTURY takes a look at this evolution and compares it to the lives of real-life nudists.
 The history of nudism and nudist films is contrasted with the nudist lifestyle today in this entertaining documentary. The film also takes you behind the scenes to the making of a new naturist film, “The Naked Place.”

Boobalogues: Our Breasts, Our Lives

VGD22 DVD Boobalogues: Our Breasts, Our Lives

Every woman has a breast story. Breast size and shape can play a huge role in a woman's self-image. Women define their femininity or personal and sexual power through their breasts. When women tell their breast stories, they reclaim a subject that has for decades been expressed and defined by a male dominated advertising and mass media industry.

This film is a kaleidoscope of stories and images told by women, who range in age from 22 to 83, from diverse ethnic backgrounds. From a brilliant beginning with bare-breasted women dancing around a fire through stories of breast-feeding, and women discussing large and small breast issues, breast augmentation or reduction, self image, and breast cancer, the film is at best a revealing portrayal of how women view their breasts.
      In 2006 the film won a Bronze Telly and an Aurora Gold Award. Running time 77 minutes.

Drama in the Desert — BOOK/DVD combination

PA30H Hardcover
A photo book and DVD combination of the annual anarchist utopia, of innocence regained through experience at Burning Man.
Each year Nevada’s Black Rock Desert erupts into a temporary city and festival of unbridled revelry, creative freedom, and voluntarism of extraordinary magnitude. A long-standing favorite gathering for naturists who enjoy the freedom to be nude amidst a cavalcade of liberated adherents. Here’s a book by photographer Holly Kreuter with an introduction by Burning Man founder Larry Harvey. The book includes a DVD with more images and the sounds — music and prose — of Burning Man.

Naked Boys Singing!

VFD03 DVD Naked Boys Singing!

"Excellent! Campy and coy, smirky and serious...
with playful wit and unabashed explicitness." -- New York Times

"Cute, sweet... touching. Naked Boys Singing! delivers what it promises!" -- TV Guide

Invite ten attractive, talented and intelligent naked men into your living room with this filmed adaptation of the hilarious and risque Off-Broadway play "Nake Boys Singing!" This long-running musical revue sparkles with seventeen memorable tunes and vibrant dance numbers that you'll enjoy over and over again. You'll get a charge from "Gratuitous Nudity," "Perky Little Porn Star" and "The Naked Maid," all performed entirely in the nude. From the producers of Latter Days and Adam & Steve, this electrifying performance brims with excitement, fervor and sexy boys you won't forget.

Naked Souls — The Spirit of Life

VAD41 DVD Naked Souls — The Spirit of Life
Sweet Vermont Skinny-Dipping. Abbey Pond Cascades. Summer. One woman alone in the woods, strong, free, spirited. One man alone in the woods, steady, calm, spirited.
They meet by chance on the rocky ledge overlooking a small river, sharing an adventure far beyond imagination, an exploration of the forces and purity of the earth, water, and their own natural souls. Running Time: 38 minutes.

Naked States

VFD01 DVD Naked States
Spencer Tunick asks America to pose nude.
In a five-month journey photographing nudes in every state, the critically acclaimed film, Naked States, follows artist Spencer Tunick's quest to photograph nudes in public settings across the country.
Naked States is a visual American Odyssey that brings us closer to the truth about our bodies and our freedom as related to the sensitive issues of censorship and nudity.
Bear witness to some of America's most fascinating subcultures, from the country's largest biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, to the Mojave Desert's eccentric Burning Man Festival, to a huge outdoor Phish concert — here, Tunick has no idea if he will get 10 people or 1,000 people to pose.
Along Tunick's journey, hear the stories of the ordinary men and women who decide to pose nude in public. In Naked States, art, politics, body image, and American culture come together in some very unexpected ways.

Naked World

VFD02 DVD Naked World
Spencer Tunick asks the world to pose nude.
The follow-up to April 2001's highly rated Naked States: America Undercover, this documentary follows the celebrated and controversial artist Spencer Tunick on his latest, most ambitious project: a one-year trek to all seven continents to take photographs of naked people, individually and in groups, against various man-made and natural backdrops. Over the course of one year, all seven continents and nine countries (Canada, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Brazil), Tunick and his crew map out an ambitious agenda that says as much about the cultures he encounters as it does about the subjects and landmarks he photographs. The film questions what nakedness means to people in different countries and climates, both geographic and political, and underscores just how volatile the debate about nudity as a legitimate art form can be.Approx. 76 mins.

Nudist Resorts of Canada ... The Undiscovered Country

VCD03 DVD Nudist Resorts of Canada ... The Undiscovered Country
A new DVD about Canadian nudist resorts provides a omprehensive look at what you can expect when taking a naturist vacation in Canada. Not until this DVD has there been such a comprehensive and practical review of nudist facilities in Canada.
Other videos focus more on the sociology of the clubs; whereas, this new video takes a pragmatic look at the locations and physical offerings of Canada’s nudist resorts. Scott has provided a view of just about every resort that English-speaking Canada has to offer. Twenty resorts, campgrounds, including one B&B, are shown in this production.

Petals Journey Into Self-Discovery – the DVD

PGD11 DVD Petals Journey Into Self-Discovery – the DVD
The film follows the creation, book publication and art exhibitions of the stunning photographic studies — a series of exquisite pictures of forty-eight vulvas by Nick Karras.
The immediate social and personal responses can be one of shock. But more often the complex range of images deeply touches the viewer with profound awe and a newly discovered sense of beauty. The movie records the reactions of art critics, sex educators, women’s health professionals, female participants in the project, as well as the man/woman-in-the-street as this taboo subject is explored.

The Nude in Art (TWO-DISK SET)

VAD21 DVD The Nude in Art (TWO-DISK SET)
A four-series program on two DVDs

For at least 30,000 years, humans have represented the naked form in a variety of ways. From the ideal to the real, the Romantic to the Surrealist, there has been almost no end of works devoted to the unclothed human body. This series — presented by writer and broadcaster Tim Marlow — examines those artworks, the societies that produced them, and the artists who made them.

Vacation Naturally Destinations

VND13 DVD Vacation Naturally Destinations

A Comprehensive DVD guide to some of North America's best nude beaches and naturist clubs & resorts. Great American Nude Beaches, Clubs & Resorts from The Naturist Society.