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Internaturally Introduction

Filed under: - Bern @ 10:17 am

Internaturally Introduction

NEWFOUNDLAND, NJ: Bern Loibl, president of Internaturally and publisher/editor of Naturally magazine, began his career in nudism and naturism in the early 1980s at the advent of the free-beaches movement. His most notable naturist contribution may be heading the demonstration of naturists at Gateway National Recreation Area, Sandy Hook, New Jersey, in the summer of 1982, considered one of naturism’s great successes. Thousands of nude users now enjoy the Sandy Hook Beach on any given weekend in the summer.

Professionally, Bern worked in advertising as an art director and creative director. He put his skills to work for naturism as president of the Tri-State Metro Naturists (TSMN) and also as editor of TSMN’s newsletter, The Event. Although TSMN eventually disbanded, Bern continued to publish The Event as an independent journal of “Clothes-Optional Living on the Eastern Seaboard.” The magazine tackled various issues of concern to naturists, much of it confrontational in nature. After several years of such challenges, Bern felt it was time to create a magazine with a more positive format, a magazine that would be fun, highlighting our successes and the benefits we derive from this lifestyle. He called the new magazine Naturally.

Today, Naturally enjoys an international distribution, including bookstores and newsstands across America, and recent issues can even be seen as flash publications on the Internet in their entirety for a small fee.

Naturally magazine, though, represents only one division in the parent company—Internaturally, Inc. With over 1,500 products, Internaturally’s mail order division is one of the largest distributors of nudist/naturist titles in videos, books, and magazines from around the world.

There’s also a travel agency division, Internaturally Travel, which was created by Bern’s wife, Sherry Stafford-Loibl. A former English teacher, Sherry took to the nudist ideology with great enthusiasm after they met in 1999. Soon after, Sherry joined Internaturally to pursue her love of travel and to serve naturist/nudist clients with research and booking for them unique clothes-free vacations. It was a great fit; Bern and Sherry were married in August 2004.

Where does Internaturally, Inc. fit in with other nudist and naturist organizations? Bern & Sherry think they belong exactly in the middle, bridging the gap between the several ideologies. The naturists support the idea that we should be integrated into society in our natural state, sans Gucy and Klein, clothes-free anywhere it’s comfortable. The nudists support a more clandestine venue, and peaceful coexistence among the textile population. Philosophically, naturism is the premise we should all support, thinks Bern. But, in practicality, the real world is full of differing opinions, and fitting in means you have to compromise. The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), of course, leads the way in organized nudist parks and resorts that are accepted, or at least tolerated, by the rest of the population. Internaturally looks at both of these worlds, nudist and naturist, and finds ways to link them through Naturally magazine, its many educational titles, and clothes-free travel opportunities. As Bern is a leader in the naturist movement, Sherry now shares that distinction as a director in the AANR-East. Naturally magazine was also the first nudist publication to position itself as a travel magazine focusing on upscale resorts. It has since resumed its more people-oriented content as many resorts have moved away from accommodating the nudist family philosophy.

Bern’s view on the future of nudism is positive; it willjust take a little time to get there. “Human beings will eventually be comfortable in their natural state in all practical circumstances,” says Bern. “How can we not accept ourselves as a species? That’s not a healthy perspective. We just need to ‘grow up’ and mature beyond our social taboos and preconceptions.” he adds. “After all, we are more than the image we put on!”


AANR Promotion

Filed under: - Bern @ 10:05 am


Find Sunshine in Naturally

Filed under: - Bern @ 3:22 pm

People who enjoy being nude depend on sunshine. But did you know about the book “Sunshine” by Robert Mighall? Our popular contributor, Theresa O’Shea, certainly keeps up with her reading and reviews this book in the current issue of Naturally, and of course shares some sunshine of her own in words and pictures.

Ever wonder where all the young naturists go these days?

Filed under: - Bern @ 3:18 pm

A lot of them went to the Third Annual Spring Bash hosted by the Florida Young Naturists. Robbe White, the founder of FYN, describes the event with some background history on their formation. Get the scoop in issue #79 – Naturally Summer issue.

Where in the world can you watch a space launch naked?

Filed under: - Bern @ 3:16 pm

Sue and Blaik McGarvey watched one take off from Florida’s Cypress Cove Nudist Resort. Read about it in the current issue of Naturally #79 – Summer edition.

First time at a nude beach?

Filed under: - Bern @ 3:09 pm

“A Beginner’s Guide For The Nude Beachgoer” is sound, instructive counsel for the beginner, with—pardon the expression—tongue in cheek. Good advise with a sense of humor and beautiful photos by Ken Schwarts. See it in the current issue of Naturally magazine.


freedom and beauty

Filed under: - timmye @ 3:01 pm

winter issue 2009 page 58…
maybe I shouldn’t say this…
that picture is pure freedom and beauty.
free from clothes, and any cares.
beauty in form of the human body!
I want to be that free!!!


Santa Clarita CA

Filed under: - scvdavid @ 10:44 pm

Any santa clarita naturists or vicinity. dco555@yahoo.com. often on truenudists.com as beachbum555. free site. pls join and say hi.


Nude Places In Pennsylvania

Filed under: - woofie75 @ 10:08 am

Anyone know of places and events for nudists in PA. I’m new and don’t know of any places or events. My email is maestro1975@excite.com.


Looking For Maori, Polynesian Friends

Filed under: - nude4dude @ 6:34 pm

Hello! I am seeking friends (penpals) from the Maori people of New Zealand (Aeoteaora), Samoa or any Polynesian locations. I am an American male (same gender loving) who is seeking friendship and not necessarily a relationship. I am living in Arlington, VA, USA and a professional working for a local government agency. You may view my profile and blog at deafqueernude/nudistfriends.com. This is the personals link for internaturally.com. My email is: nude4dude@gmail.com.


Looking for nudist in asia

Filed under: - wakdogol @ 6:31 pm

im addi from asia. im looking for nudist friends for fun.


first time nude in the woods

Filed under: - timmye @ 6:19 pm

Today was my first time to be naked outside! I was working at the edge of the timber. When i finished my job. I was all alone. So I got naked and went for a walk. I cooled off real fast, my clothes were soaking wet from working. It was GREAT!!! I walked for about 45 min. I felt free!
Like nothing holding me back. Walking was like floating. Can’t wait to be able to do that again.


other videos?

Filed under: - naturelover @ 3:39 pm

Anyone have any sunnyp / sunnyproductions videos? If not, know where to find them?
They have been gone for years.


Some personal experiences

Filed under: - NYLancelot @ 12:31 am

This is a personal posting, from a brand-new member. It’s my way of saying ‘hi’ to my fellow naturists.

I am 42 (but can pass for younger), living in the NYC area, and have been a naturist since my 20s. Some of my happiest memories are of visiting the clothing-optional beach at Sandy Hook. I also sometimes make late-day visits to Jacob Riis Park in Queens, where I sometimes do what I call a ‘secret skinny-dip’. That is, I wear my suit while entering the water, then discreetly slip it off, for some blissfully nude swimming. I then put my trunks back one, when exiting the water.

One of my most memorable naturist experiences was when I saw Katherine Chronis, the (sort of) famous performance artist. She came to a small theatre in NYC a few years ago, to do a live show. There was a lot of video footage of her ‘public nudity’ project. Look her up on the internet, for more information about this. She hosted the show ‘au naturel’, and explained how this inspired a few brave individuals at previous shows to join her in her nude state. One woman in the crowd got up, and removed her shirt, to the cheers of the rest of the audience. “This is me!” she told us. Feeling similarly inspired (as a Cancerian, we are known as the most ‘easily influenced’ sign of the Zodiac), I then got up from the audience and made my way to the stage. There was actually applause for me, as I did so. Feeling a big nervous, I removed my clothing, until I was clad in nothing but my socks. When Katherine noticed me standing nearby, she was surprised – but happily so. She hugged me, and told me how grateful she was for my being so brave. We shared a playful nude dance to the Doors’ hit “Hello I Love You”. Another guy also stripped naked, he also was embraced by Katherine. As the show concluded, a woman in the audience approached me, and chatted with me. The dynamic of being naked, and talking with a clothed woman was unusual, but not in a bad way. One of the theatre’s managers – a female – popped in just as the show was closing, and seemed pleased at the ‘audience participation’ aspect of Katherine’s show. When I came to another show at the theatre, she – the manager – recognized me, and asked me “Are you gonna get naked again?” Her inflection made it clear that she meant this in a supportive, not judgemental way.

Another one of my favorite personal stories is when I worked at a boys’ summer camp in New England. At the end of the season, we had a raucous staff party. Some of us went down to the lake, for a swim. Only about half of us went nude; I don’t see why there were so many prudish guys, there; there were no females present, so it was really no more ‘sexual’ than the men’s room at a health or sports club. The guy whose idea it was to go for a skinny dip was so smashed that he was yelling at the top of his lungs “We are all standing here in the water, completely naked! And it feels great!” Easiliy loud enough so that everyone who wasn’t suppposed to know we were skinny-dipping (against the camp rules) could hear him – i.e. the camp directors, the highly religious types who were renting cabins (in the absence of the campers, who had already departed), etc. Still, even though we got a few snarky remarks upon returning to the staff party (which was indoors), no punishments were meted out. Just good clean for all.

My last story is theatrical. I am involved in improv comedy, and one day recieved an e-mail about a nude improv show. I was intruiged enough to send the producer an e-mail, asking to be put on the audience list. I mentioned that I had been involved in improv for a long time, and he e-mailed me back, noting that there was an extra spot on the cast list, and would I be interested in being in the show? I decided to try it, seeing as I am always open to expanding my horizons. The show was well-attended, and had a nearly even gender balance (two men, two women, and the host – a male), and we even got a standing ovation at the end!

So those are my experiences, I wish everyone here some simillarly fun ones. ;-)


Happy Holidays

Filed under: - Bern @ 7:51 am

We’d like to take this time to thank all our members, subsribers and friends for your support and participation. Traveling with many of you has been a delight, and sharing your stories, letters, and pictures in Naturally magazine, an honor.
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.
Bern & Sherry


Presidential Race

Filed under: - hostsherry @ 7:50 am

Too often we shy away from politics, in deference to politeness. Now is not the time to be polite. Rather, be like our forefathers who had the courage to speak out, lead, and take our America out of the hands of British colonial rule. Speaking with another nudist/naturist recently, I was amazed and appalled to hear that she “would never vote for a black man for President.” I was offended. Let’s paint him Blue. The Blue Man Group had open auditions recently… no, let’s paint this race as it is.

Americans fought too hard, too long, and we’re still fighting for forward-thinking, public oriented health care, transportation, safe water and food. We have been complacent, and lackadaisical, trying to just lead our lives and give of our time to our family and friends, as technology speeds up our lives and the input coming at us from every direction. Other countries don’t concern themselves with such pettiness, electing women to lead countries, and men of every race, allowing political leaders to have private lives (I wouldn’t want the Clintons in my bedroom, why was I privy to theirs?). What is it about Americans that keeps them fearful of progress, while giving lip service to wanting it?

We are a smart nation, regardless of the last election – 50/50 shows what we’re working with, no matter which 50 you were with. Consider that while we’re trying to build the Wall of Arizona along our border with Mexico, Germany is giving away pieces of its most famous wall. While we’re oil dependent, Sweden has hi-rise office buildings that take 60% of their energy needs from their solar glass panes. Seattle, Washington offers electrical plug-in facilities for cars – does your town? They give bike riders a place to put their bikes on the bus, and allow them to ride for free. Does New York City? And why are we wasting tax dollars printing the driving test in Spanish when our road signs are in English? The list is endless. But, we cannot be complacent. Pick a project and follow through until you get it changed, or at least help on a project. Now is the time to be a true American pioneer of the 21st Century. Now is the time to encourage every person, no matter the political race, to be as positive and forward thinking as possible.

All of us have seen the cell phone go from just being a small convenient phone to a camera, a computer, a GPS as well. That’s if you’re young. If you’re in your 50s or better, you’ve witnessed amazing changes in the U.S., as technology and medicine leap ahead. We can do better. How can anyone, let alone one of our own, still embrace prejudice, without consideration of merit? Whether you’re voting for a republican, democrat, or Mickey Mouse, paint them red, white, and blue, and look at the merits of the person, please, or watch America continue on a downward spiral that will see us as a third world country in only a few decades. Better yet, demand change and be part of making it happen. MY VOTE GOES TO OBAMA!


Open Letter from George Davis, writer/â€naked yoga guyâ€

Filed under: - Bern @ 9:39 am

“I didn’t know that they arrested writers in San Francisco.” said my “homeless” cellmate who didn’t care if he slept on the sidewalk or a county jail cell floor in a city that didn’t care either.

May 1, 2008 was my sixth arrest by police by police count for public nudity to create a Free Body Culture political movement. This was my tenth arrest from a civilian perspective that any time you are in a locked police room, you are under arrest. Since nudity is not a crime in California unless a person is lewd and San Francisco juries tend to be fair and reasonable, the District Attorney has consistently discharged all citations, including this May 1 arrest. I have to admit to some past ambiguity to my efforts to create a Free Body Culture movement to end the mentally regressive nudity taboo. This time I was arrested for organizing a book signing for my new book, Weapons of Mass Deception. This is clearly a very political book that, besides advocating for a European styled FKK Free Body Culture movement, is highly critical of the San Francisco political machine, the San Francisco mayor, San Francisco Police Department, the American Military-Industrial Complex, the American Prison-Industrial Complex, and other contemporary political issues. Now, clearly, I am being arrested to suppress these ideas. On a personal level, most people consider me a quiet, polite, slightly intellectual, sometimes funny guy. If there was a line formed of people who didn’t think nudity was a big deal, I could be placed in front of that line. Obviously, my arrests show that I am wrong. This is a big deal. From my field experience with public nudity, I can state that the only people who have emotional problems with public nudity are angry people, excessively authoritarian personalities, and fundamentalist religious nut cases. In San Francisco, this is at most maybe 2% of the population. Admittedly, these people are squeaky wheels. Are these the people you want to boss you around? Are these the people that you want to dominate the political sphere or your life? By the way, some of the biggest nudist supporters are thinking religious people like Pope John Paul II. If you have any critical doubts about the truth of what I have written, I hope you take efforts to learn more about nudism and the nudity taboo. I plan to add a forum page to the Internet site, www.freebodyculture.com. In fact, the first topic I would like to put up would be the answer to the question, “What irrevocable harm would befall a healthy child who saw a nude adult?” I don’t have an intelligent answer. To contribute to the forum, email: george@fkkfreebodyculture.com. I plan to return to Fisherman’s Wharf on Wednesday, May 7, 2008 and thereafter to the Southeast corner of Beach and Taylor by the statue of St. Francis from noon-3, weather and no schedule conflicts permitting, to continue work on educating people on the FKK Free Body Culture movement. See you there. Naturally, George Davis (415) 722-2968



Filed under: - domostanfield @ 2:41 pm

It seems unfortunate that this site has many members, but very very few active members!


Spring Issue of Naturally

Filed under: - Bern @ 5:23 am

When retired founder of the naturist movement, Lee Baxandall, called me for some space in this issue to publish an article on the formation of the Naturist Leadership Council, and to recount the turbulent days of free beach demonstrations — of personality clashes, and political agendas — I knew this would not be a typical piece for our Naturally readers. Some of our staff, even, felt that such an article may no longer be pertinent. The new crop of adherents have probably never heard of the people who made those days so critical in the evolution of naturism and nudism – in America and around the world. Still, I was delighted to hear from Lee Baxandall again after so many years, and welcomed the opportunity to acknowledge our history, and honor the men and women who paved the way.

Perhaps we’ve reached the point where naturism is now more a personal freedom – and choice – in the hands of the public than in the guiding hands of a select few? The Internet, certainly, is changing how we view nude recreation, the freedom to be nude in public, and vacationing at nudist resorts. Another important note… this issue includes Paul LeValley’s final column “Hail and Farewell.” The renowned naturist academician, and foremost authority on the history of the nude in art has been one of Naturally’s great assets. His contiguous presence in Naturally will be missed by many readers. Please join me in expressing our appreciation for his many years of outstanding contribution. Your emails to Paul through
naturally@internaturally.com will be happily forwarded. Bern Loibl


Merry Christmas Everyone

Filed under: - Bern @ 4:02 pm

Sherry, Bern, Sandra, and Shemya of Internaturally wish you all a very merry Christmas and a most delightful Nude Year.


New chat room open

Filed under: - Bern @ 11:12 am

We just created a chat room for our members and visitors. Although we are still working out a few glitches and bugs, overall it’s working. If you see anything you think needs to be fixed, please let me know.


New Energy and New Developments at Internaturally

Filed under: - Natch @ 9:29 pm

Why is it all FREE? Because we have enough books, magazines, videos, and naturist tours available for sale, which we plan to advertise here periodically. So, just having your attention makes us happy too. More importantly, we believe strongly in the need to liberate human beings to their natural state. And membership — in such an important mission — needs to be open to everyone, free of charge. Come join the movement; it’s an important endeavor!


New venues, old ideals

Filed under: - Bern @ 12:35 pm

As one of the first naturist magazines to emphasize that naturism and nudism was ready for upscale venues, Travel Naturally focused much of its content on exotic destinations and the new mega-resorts. We were quite pleased with the creation of these multi-million dollar facilities, but then disappointed by the change in policies, making several of them adults-only resorts, rather than family oriented. We did not anticipate that these wonderful nude vacation destinations would be too costly for most naturist-nudist families and the younger generation, and how many of the resorts would ultimately have to accommodate and be overwhelmed by alternative lifestyle seekers who are less interested in upholding the ethics of wholesome nude recreation (See the article in Travel Naturally #61, on page 43.). So, we decided to get back to our roots — the naturist and nudist families and their venues of choice. We are indeed revamping Travel Naturally to bring you more affordable and more wholesome destinations.

Sherry and I are traveling to many of the respected nudist parks that have been overlooked in recent years by the naturist press. We think it’s time to revisit the old standards and pay homage to the parks and camps, their longevity, and the family values they have protected. Perhaps one of the best examples we have seen is White Tail Park, whose growth, without compromise, is an extraordinary example of what can be achieved by a family nudist park. (Travel Naturally #61, page 58.) Of course, we still appreciate the upscale resorts as superb nude-recreation destinations, and we will continue to provide periodic updates on new developments. However, it has always been our intention to publish our magazine for the benefit of naturist and nudist families, to bridge the gap between the two ideologies (naturists and nudists), and to uphold the values they represent for future generations. Please let us know about your favorite club, so we may add it to our travel schedule and editorial calendar.


New Naturist Resort & Spa

Filed under: - hostsherry @ 10:22 am

Bare Lodge Resort and Spa of Pennsylvania has purchased property that includes a golf course, and are building the ultimate nudist resort in the NYC area! Now you’ll be able to relax in the sun during the day and go to Manhattan for a show in the evening, if you choose!

Please be kind enough to visit their web site www.barelodgespa.com and fill out their questionaire. First of all you’ll give them your opinion on what you want to see at the resort, AND you’ll be entered to win a cruise!


AANR East at White Tail Park!

Filed under: - hostsherry @ 1:40 am
Bern and I enjoyed our first year at AANR East, which was held at White Tail Park this July. It was an interesting venue, with business being concluded the first few days, and the rest geared toward family and friends fun. For all of you who attended, built boats, showed your wares for sale in the pavillion, bid on the boat in the silent auction to benefit the AANR East Education endeavor…for all of you, give us a wave! We truly enjoyed AANR East, and you can read about the interesting people we met in the September, issue #60 of Travel Naturally magazine! Send us a photo and the particulars of the event you attended this year! We do pay for submissions, and it’s always wonderful to hear about the experiences we didn’t have time to enjoy!

What’s Your Club?

Filed under: - hostsherry @ 1:26 am
Bern and I are visiting Sky Farm (September issue #60, Travel Naturally magazine), as one of our local clubs, with an eye toward joining. We’ve not joined a club to date because, quite frankly, we can garden nude, sit in our gazeebo nude, and use our hot tub nude…what more did we want, and still get some of the “honey do’s” done? What is your club? How often do you get to visit, and do you feel you get your “money’s worth” from your membership dues? There are many reasons to join a club, and Bern and I realized that we missed a bit more of a social life. What do you enjoy most about your club?


Panama Travelers Good Reads

Filed under: - hostsherry @ 5:21 pm

Two of our Panama 2006 Tour travelers are reading David McCullough’s “Path Between the Seas” and Jack DuBrul’s novel, “River of Ruin” to get a feel for the spirit of the country, before our February visit. So, if you’re inclined to reading and wish to have instant conversational reference points, some of you might enjoy picking up one or the other of these books!

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